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Is it possible to have only some notifications come as a text message and others as email or push notification. at the moment if i get a notification it comes from all three. I want to use all three but not for the same thing.

If you have different accounts set up for each user you can customize notifications. You can set some accounts to only have email, other only text and so on.

Ill give it a go. seems like a silly way to do it though. Hopefully they change it in future.

For what it’s worth, I exclusively use Reactor’s built-in NOTIFY > SMTP feature to send myself emails when certain routines run. Left the native Vera notifications behind long ago.

I will have a look at reactor. I do like the push notifications though. I just want sms for my motion sensor alarm.

I cant use multiple accounts as i need multiple email accounts and need to be logged into vera with the correct account in phone to get push notifications. Very messy.

In theory, you could (after establishing a link between Vera and IFTTT, using the beta link recently posted elsewhere on the Forum) cause IFTTT to send you a push notification in response to a trigger to an applet/recipe you set up for this purpose.

Workaround, yes. Better than nothing, yes. :slight_smile:

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Or you can turn of all notifications in vera except push and use reactor notify to send vera-native(push), and you can then send emails and http request via reactor,

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I transitioned to a telegram bot years ago and I’ll never look back. Templates are customizable, I can send picture (of cams) and I also wrote some code to send commands to the bot. As everything out of the box in Vera, the notification system is just subpar and limited.

Search in the forum for instructions. I briefly thought of a plugin, but it’s just one line of code where you need to send a push notification.

Hit us with a few more specifics on that setup, @therealdb??

P.S. How had I managed to forget about Reactor allowing vera-native notifications, @ElCid ??


function sendAlert(text)
  luup.inet.wget('https://api.telegram.org/bot<token>/sendMessage?chat_id=<chat_id>&text=' .. text,5);

sendAlert('Front door is open')

I then call sendAlert passing the message. Info on how to get token and chat id are here: https://core.telegram.org/bots

You have to basically create your own bot. I then applied some code and I have something like this: (sorry, it’s in Italian, but the commands are in english so you should get the point :slight_smile:)

AFAIK Home Assistant should offer a bot out of the box, but I love to experiment, so I wrote it by myself.


First 3 are related to OpenSprinkler, then there’s a sensor connected to Vera for the entryway door, plus a short video (as GIF) from the camera.

I have a very complex daemon app running on my Linux box doing a lot of things, but you can do it natively in LUA. Can’t find the code, but it’s based on https://core.telegram.org/bots/api#sendphoto

As I said, it was fun and not the bot is used just to send notifications, since I’ve automated most of the commands, but it’s fun to just turn AC off or on when neeed without using the mobile app :slight_smile:

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How good would it be if Vera just had an extra tick box for send to mail, push or sms.

You mean this? :wink:

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Can you have a Vera scene make a phone call to Telegram and then speak out the message?

I’ve been thinking about trying to use Telegram with Vera for a while to replace VeraAlerts.


I never tried a call, but I usually send video recording of my cams via telegram as well.

I’ve done this thing with Twilio. It’s just one http call, and the price is affordable. I’m not sure there are free solutions, but I’ve never searched for them.

OK thanks, I saw this 3rd party solution “CallMebot” for Vera here, but I just wondered if it was possible to do it directly to Telegram

OK I’ve just setup a “Verabot” on Telegram following these instructions here.

Using a line of LUA code from a Vera scene I can send a text message to the Verabot in Telegram OK and it pops up on my phone as a Push notification.

So what else can you do?

What is the idea of sending commands to the bot?


Run scenes, check sensors, operating devices, receive videos as gif on entry/gates opened.

I’m also working on a complete substitution of remote access. The idea is to have all the devices accesible via telegram. Right now I have frequently used features (open gate, open car gate, turn sprinkler on, tell me the temperature, turn ac/heating on/off, check pool status), but I want to be free from the Vera cloud and/or be ready to move to openluup in case of a severe failure/more needs.

We barely use the app, because everything is full automated, but manual control is still useful (let’s say at least one time per day).

Part of my job is dedicated to bots and AI, so it was natural to me and turned out to be fun.

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Sounds interesting. Not sure I want to be able to control Vera devices and scenes from Telegram though.

However I do want text alerts sent out from Vera to Telegram.

I’ve also just setup that “CallMeBot” with Vera and that works and a phone call is made to Telegram.

I wanted to setup a panic button on a keyfob that when pressed will call my phone.

How do you send a gif video from your security cam?

The bot only respond to my user, so it’s as secure as Vera’s cloud - if not more.

I wrote my own code to do it. I’m not sure it can be done in lua. Basically, I’m constantly streaming in my own daemon app and when a sensor is tripped, I ask my bot to send the gif. It’s very cool. Maybe there’s something already done for node red.

OK not to worry.

I mainly want to replace “VeraAlerts” by Richard and use Telegram instead for text alerts and phone calls for critical events from Vera.

Seems to be working well so far…

I have the Hik connect app for IP camera events.

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