Push notifications working?

Mine haven’t worked since Friday night. Anyone else having issues with push notifications?

Mine have stopped working to

Same here!

Edit: @Sorin I’ve tried recreating a notification but still no push notification. Vera Secure, 7.30. VeraMobile 3.32 on iOS.
Statuspage says Operational for push notifications.

Same here on 7:31

Same here. Not working.


I am not sure what everyone is using but my Pushover alerts on 2 iPhones using VeraAlerts is working fine.

We’re talking about the native Vera push alerts

Let me check this out, guys.

Thank you for reporting.

LE: Fixed

The next questions would be why didn’t whatever was broken get noticed before user complaints and if this happens again will it be detected and corrected in a more timely manner?

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Back up and working for me!

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