Qubino Flush DC Shutter with Temp Sensor - Multiple devices added to Vera why?

I’ve just included a Qubino Flush DC Shutter module with a attached DS18B20 temperature sensor on my Vera Plus with Vera Firmware.

It added a parent device which I named “Lounge Blind” and assigned it to my Lounge Room.


I can see its added a child device for the Temperature Sensor, which appears to be working and changing values.


However its also added two additional child devices which I was not expecting.

Its added another child device for “Window Covering”.

If I press the open or close buttons on this “Window Covering” child device, then the parent “Lounge Blind” device is also changed to open or closed.


And another child device which I have no idea what it is


Obviously I can just hide these additional child devices from the GUI but why has it added them?

Can you please post MultiChCapabilities variable?

My Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 is doing similar, and that’s because it reports 3 channels (for lamellas, etc).

There is some talk here about Phantom devices both with Fibaro and Qubino devices, with no real solution other than setting the parent device to auto configure NO. However this does not remove the extra child devices.

Thanks, what does this tell you ?


More threads with similar problems:

it’s reporting two channels only, so it’s the Vera trying to automate what’s not needed.
1 is for channel 1, 2 for channel 2. in case of multichannels devices, you’ll find in each line the reported command classes.

EDIT: http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/ZWave_Command_Classes doc for all them.

Its also worth noting that the first time I included the Shutter module I did not have the temp sensor cable connected to the module and it then only added one device for the Window Covering.

I had to exclude the module plug in the temp sensor cable and then include it again. That’s when I get the three child devices, including the two extra ones I wasn’t expecting.

That’s by design. All the multi channels modules are built this way, AFAIK. It’s the sensor part that it’s confusing the engine. In the old days, this would be fixed by manually set in the device pairing process a code to prevent this. In the future Elzo platform they’ll only read supported command classes and this shouldn’t be the case, once the platform is mature.

So: autoconfigure to no, delete/hide the device and move on :wink:

OK thanks I will delete or hide the two extra child devices.

Sorry to say but sooner or later the ghost devices will come again… or devices are recreated by “the engine” so as customer care calls them. Nothing less to say: good luck and fingers crossed…

I’ve just hidden the two extra child devices in the Vera start up Lua.

Got the temp probe outdoors now just drilled a hole. I had to offset it down by 1 degree however.

Make sure to seal that penetration don’t want any small bugs getting in!

Yeah I need to use a bit of clear silicone or something.

The Qubino temperature sensors are a rip off like £13 in the UK.

I made my own, about £2 for the DS18B20 probe here on Aliexpress.

And about £2 for a Micro JST 1.25mm Connector Plug here on eBay.

I just soldered them together £4 total.

JST Connector - Yellow -> Temp Probe - Black (GND)
JST Connector - Black -> Temp Probe - Yellow (DQ)
JST Connector Red -> Temp Probe - Red (VDD)

Not my image found it online.


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Be sure to have it in a ventilated space. I have mine within a ventilated adapter, mounted outside and not near the house. The bricks are going to alter the reading for sure.

What is that?

I’m sorry, the right term is radiation shield.

Haha what is that?

Take a photo :grin:

Yep, I was on mobile and it was not easy. back to my desktop, here’s the photo:

I got mine from Amazon, here’s your Amazon.co.uk link:

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