Qubino flush shutter calibration in Vera UI help needed

Hi all, as I am …, I did not conduct flush shutter calibration to my Vera Plus and I cannot get to the device physically, so I need to perform the calibration through the Vera UI, but I do not know, how to do this

The manual says:

Calibration through main controller UI

  1. Include the module into the Z-wave network, according to module include instructions - DONE
  2. Set the parameter 78 (Forced Flush shutter calibration) value to 1 - ??? How can I do this???
  3. Flush shutter performs the calibration process, completing full cycle - up, down and up again.
  4. Set the parameter 78 (Forced Flush shutter calibration) value to 0 - ??? How can I do this???

Goto device and press > button
then press device options
then press add configuration setting

Edit / then follow catman’s further instructions.

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Go to the device
Device Options
Add configuration setting
Variable number is 78
Data size is (probably default) but it probably won’t matter since it’s either 1 or 0
Desired value is 1
Save changes
Luup will reload

Once your done you can go back and set it to zero.

Hope that helps


THANK YOU!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

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