R.I.P. Micasaverde


I doubt that anyone on this forum is going to argue with your statement. We may be able to help you if you have a problem or question, though.


I doubt that anyone on this forum is going to argue with your statement. We may be able to help you if you have a problem or question, though.[/quote]

There’s alot of help here and I tend to believe we are using it for way more then they ever planned it to do. When I buy a new car take it home and start adding a supercharger to it I never really expect the dealer to answer my technical questions, provide hands on support or warranty it. And that’s thousands of dollars.

For a 200.00 product with no monthly fee’s I really don’t expect a lifetime of 24 hour support for plugins, apps and other things we are running that was not created by Micasaverde. Even the hardware that’s made by so many companies are going to be a challenge to make sure they works and provide support for them.

I have Hayward pool equipment I have called for support on and they just straight tell you our product was not intended for that use, can’t help. Your then left with forums not run by them to help out. And this forum has been very useful. All your answers are here. Even if its not maintained by Micasaverde it’s still your documents and support that your looking for. And it’s damn good too!


[quote=“jimhanseng, post:18, topic:180730”]Well I have only had my Vera3 for about two weeks now and it is nothing nothing like I read about the VeraLite UI5. I am SOOOOOOOOO disappointed.

So RIP is just about right. This product is like early ALPHA not beta. The /chm/ Sits on “Loading Please Wait…” half the time. I can never get to my account page I always get “Erro Unable to retrieve user information”. Followed by “Unable to connect…” and the Constant “Try again later”. I don’t remember the last time I was able to the apps market. 90% of the time I get the “can’t load…”.

The other INCREDIBLE frustrating thing is HELP and "can’t find server www.doc_server.com. NONE of the help links work. HELLO!

Sorry, but so far this is one of the worst products I have ever purchased. And I know if I could get back to UI5, I would have a totally different experience.

I just ordered a VeraLite and hopefully, I will be able to keep it in UI5 and not automatically upgraded to UI6 like my Vera3.

RIP. just about there for me.

I have a Nexia system I am trying to replace it with Vera3, so I know how these should work. This is junk. UI6 never should have been released. It is just not ready.[/quote]

I can’t comment about UI6, BUT I have been using UI5 on 3 different Veras for more than a year without any problem. The forum members provide the tech support that Mi Casa Verde doesn’t provide.

Suggest you reload your Vera with UI5.



Had my Veralite running for about a week now. I flip back and forth between the two interfaces offered. It was easy to set up the basic system, but harder to get some more complex scenes to work. Documentation is poor with the current documentation often referencing old versions. As an Engineer and a computer “geek” I can find a way to get to where I want, but this is not a product for the general population. After getting everything up a and running I finally found the UI5 docs, but they should have a link in the software.

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