Race condition with Triggers? Weird situation

I have a scene that looks at two device (plug in appliance switches) and if either is turned on it waits 12 seconds and turns them both off. The scene has two triggers one from each module if it is turned on. Then it delays 12 seconds, then turns them both off.

It is not behaving reliably despite being trivially simple. I think what is happening is the ZWave communication to the node gets occasionally corrupted resulting in retries yet Vera considers the issuing of the β€œon” command as the trigger, not the round trip confirmation of the on command from the node. So my scene counts down and it issues an off command to that node but there is still an on command working through its retries.

Does anyone know if triggers based on a device state being the confirmation from the node that state was achieved or just the issuance of an on command.

Would I be better to write a line of LUUP code to interrogate the state of the node as the trigger?

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Hi, did you manage to fix the problem?

VPN Sai Mannat

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I upgraded the node devices to ZWave Plus and it seemed to fix the problem.

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