Radio Thermostat Wi-Fi Plugin

Device is not showing as a thermostat for some strange reason even though it works it just not showing as an actual thermostat

Check category number. Maybe it’s not set as expected.

nah its the JSON device file needs to be re-written to reflect UI7 Changes :pensive::pensive: unfortunately i dont really know how to do that and possibly the implementation file

Is the plug in code publicly available? I can take a look when I’ll be back home next week.

yeah its on mios store and git hub

did you ever get a chance to look at this?

yes, I did. It seems complicated without the actual thermostat - and there’s some work to do in order to change a couple of things. If you really want to have a standard thermostat in the UI, maybe a shorter path is to use Auto Virtual Thermostat and link the two together. I didn’t tried it, so YMMV.

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yeh AVT doesnt read it as a device

anyone able to rewrite this to work properly with ui7?

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