Reactor 3.4 Notify SMTP Error

Hi Patrick,

I am getting a Reactor Notify SMTP error. The luaupnp log said: Reactor: SMTP Send failed, "555 5.5.2 Syntax error …

I am using google smtp server, and I have enable gmail less secure app access. I have double checked the entries in SMTPUsername, SMTPPassword, SMTPSender, SMTPPort (465) and SMTPServer and they are correct.

Any idea what else should I check?


Is that the entire message? I see ellipsis… was there more?

The this the entire message: (I changed some of the data in the username and password field for privacy)

Reactor: SMTP Send failed, "555 5.5.2 Syntax error. y202sm612891qkb.5 - gsmtp"; package { password="xxxxxxxxxxxxx", port=465, rcpt={ 1="<>" }, from="", source=function: 0x1d7c488, user="", create=function: 0x1d7c3f0, server="" } <0x770fc320>

I think
Should be
should be

But you might want to as an expert…


Hi Catman,

I am confused to your suggestion for a solution?

I sent @whyfseeguy a potential solution by PM. If that works out, I’ll repost it here.

OK. Fix works. For anyone running into issue, please install the hotfix Github branch version of L_Reactor.lua, here:

To install:

  1. Right-click the above link and choose “Save link as…” from the context menu that pops up.
  2. Save the file without changing the name or suffix.
  3. Upload the file to your Vera using the uploader at Apps > Develop apps > Luup files
  4. Bob’s your uncle.

I see it’s fixed but my suggestion was to have replaced the ’ " ’ with ’ < ’ but it didn’t come up for some reason. Sorry


@Catman you did indeed have the correct answer. The < and > will make the forum formatting think you are trying to use an HTML tag, unless you:

  1. precede them with a \, as in \<like this\> so it looks <like this> when displayed;
  2. you enclose them in single backticks `<like this>` to it looks <like this> when displayed.

I think the backticks (under tilde on US keyboards) are easier and stand out more, so that’s my personal pref.

Anyway, the forum formatting ended up swallowing the important part of your suggestion, but you were nonetheless spot on.

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Oh well that’s good to know, thanks :slight_smile:

I just didn’t check what the actual post looked like :smiley:



@rigpapa, bit off topic, but… is there a way to call the notification action from reactor externally (i.e. send a notification from some of my Lua code)? i currently use the email notification plugin (App id :2498) that doesn’t seem to be supported any more. that plugin is working, but i’d much rather minimize the number of plugins installed and also only use currently supported ones, so this would kill two birds with one stone. i looked through the defined services, but notifications are not externalized. any chance you could do that at a later time?

Yes, I can easily do this. It actually makes some sense to turn those into actions for the eventual improvement fo the code. And of course, my goal is always to make Reactor as useful as possible as a tool, not just for the direct attack on problems, but for all of its capabilities.

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Thank you - this fix works. I assume this will be in next released version too.

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