Reactor not finding rooms, nc. No Room

Thought I’d have deeper look into Reactor but stuck a hurdle in so far that Reactor sensors that I create are not being saved to rooms.
This creates the problem that I can’t access the Group State as the sensor can’t be found even though it exists. Is this a Reactor Bug?

Did you hard refresh your browser after creating the ReactorSensors?

Sure did, never forgot how to do the Vera Tango.

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A hard reboot did the trick.

Hey Patrick, I like it. Never had an indepth look before but I’m impressed.
Shout you a couple of beers when the exchange rate improves…(take it as a IOU in the meantime).


What firmware are you running? I’m noticing a pattern in the 7.30/31 family that it does a terrible job of maintaining sync… something subtle is broken in the handling of user_data…

Really don’t see the benefit of going to 7.31, I’m sure you’re onto something but is it worth the effort?

I have all running. Really 7.31 is quite stable for me. I don’t have most of the issues other seem to have. But this loss of sync on occasion does stand out. Finding it will prevent nuisances for all, so I’m digging…

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