Reactor Safety Lockout


I have a Reactor Safety Lockout error. Can you advise / suggest what to do to get things up and running agian??

The safety lockout occurs when Reactor detects that your system has restarted too many times in too short a period. This is a new feature of the 3.4 version under development, so I’m guessing you’ve recently installed that to test notifications. VeraAlerts can have you doing quite a few restarts (every time you leave the editor after making any change). So if you’re going back and forth between VeraAlerts and a ReactorSensor playing around (which I myself have done many times), or just tweaking the messages one at a time, you can end up restarting a surprising number of times.

I’m still tuning to figure out what the “best” default values are for the sensitivity parameters MaxRestartCount and MaxRestartPeriod. The current defaults are a bit low. Try setting these (on your Reactor master device) to 10 and 900, respectively, and see how it goes. That’s max 10 luup restarts in 15 minutes (900 seconds). That should be unusual, but if not unusual enough for your system, put in what you think makes sense.

Version 3.3 users, this thread does not apply to you.

Thanks for the prompt response. It came back to life on its own after a bit of time had passed. Everything is working spot on.

Yes, it’s meant to self-heal. This will evolve a bit yet before final release.