Reactor sonos tts

HI …
Trying to get TTs work in reactor with sonos… Whats the trick? What am i doing wrong… tried diffrent engines and cant get to work.

Make sure you are running the current stable branch version from Github, firstly. That’s important.

You probably don’t need to specify GroupDevices–it will play on the player to which you send the action. If you do specify it, it must be a list of zone IDs (which are formatted RINCON_xxxxxxxx). There are also bugs there that I have already fixed in the development version (but the dev version isn’t stable enough to go public yet). My recommendation is that this parameter is left blank for the moment.

The GroupZones parameter only takes specific values, of which your specified value isn’t one. Basically, only ALL and CURRENT are valid values here. If you specify ALL it will speak on all Sonos devices. If you specify CURRENT it will speak on all members of target zone’s group (the target zone is the one to which you are sending the action). The plugin has lots of known bugs here as well, unfortunately, and I’ve fixed them in the development stream but they are not yet ready for public use.

So basically, limit your field values to Text, Language, Engine and Volume.

Also, make sure your URL configuration for ResponsiveVoice is blank. Let the Sonos plugin decide the right URL to use.

Thank you so much for explainging so good!!
The morning after i tried what i had done i turn a light on and the speakers just said hello testing. It had worked all the time but i never tested the random trigger i set up in reality ( the light onn).
I only tested the running man command in reactor end then it didnt work…

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