Reactor tripping-Activity not firing- OK in PLEG

Moving a couple of PLEG automations to Reactor which are misbehaving.
I have a reactor to control a split AC via a IR bridge and have noticed that occasionally it doesn’t send the code to the AC. Manually running it confirms the code is correct.

Never had this problem when PLEG was controlling the AC, so I had thought of introducing a safeguard to send another Run command or Repeat after a predetermined elapsed time.
Only problem is that I don’t see such an option in Activities, I can delay the command but not resend it.

Not sure if this may be related, but I also have a Awning Reactor that is misbehaving when tripped. It sends the open code - stops - then closes. Again never had problems it using PLEG.
I must be missing something but what?

Start by looking at the “Events” section of the Logic Summary in your Tools tab for the ReactorSensor. This will tell you what changes took place, and what Reactor did in response, including when it ran activities. If that doesn’t lead you to any conclusions, follow the directions on the report to post it here.

Any time an RS doesn’t do what you expect, run, do not walk to the report. Do not reload Luup. Do not restart the RS. These will destroy the history. The history is also limited, as an in-memory structure, so it’s important to capture it as soon as you can.

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