Read built in delay timer for changing from home to any other mode


I’m trying to figure out if its possible to read the delay time variable that delays the changing from home to any other mode.
I have a idea to use that variable in Reactor. Has anyone figured this out?
Tried to search hear on the forum and on Google also, but no luck.

You mean house mode?

Yes i do…

There is not, that I am aware of, any counter that is readable during that timing.

It is possible to read the configured delay lengths. Unfortunately, there is no trigger for when the delay starts, so the information one might need to mimic/mirror the behavior of the internal timer is also not available.

There are possible workarounds, but they would not apply to every case where house mode can be changed, and thus are likely to cause more problems than they would solve.

Just so I’m clear on the OP question, we’re talking about this setting?

Good point… based on the subject, I read it as reading the timer… as in the running countdown timer when it’s running.

If you just want to read the delay length in Reactor, you can use the expression getattribute( 0, "mode_change_delay" ) … but you’ll need to install 3.5 hotfixes to get it.

FYI, @rigpapa will know how to pull this variable (mode_change_delay) directly from Vera, thus could in theory become a value Reactor keeps track of and/or could set. :wink:

luup.attr_get("mode_change_delay", 0) for generic Luup/Lua


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