Reading Variables or On/Off Status


Hi I have a Everspring Small 3-Wire Z-Wave In-Wall On / Off Module AN179-0.
As this has low voltage switching operator. I wired it up to magnetic switch, when parcel box is open switches off.

When parcel box opened (device off) triggers PLEG to send Alert “Parcel delivered”

I wanted to view the On/Off status in Homewave, if I used an on/off binary. The device could be switched on and off. Which would throw out the status for sending alerts out of sync

Looking through Advanced -> Variables there was a Variable named “ConfiguredVariable” which seems not to be used.
I set a Pleg action to set “ConfiguredVariable” = “Open” when the parcel box is opened (device off)
Set another Pleg action to set “ConfiguredVariable” = “Closed” when the parcelbox is closed “device on”

I Sorry for the long preamble, was wondering is there a way to see the device On/Off status in Homewave but prevent the device from being operated from Homewave.

I then set Homewave multivalue display variable “ConfiguredVariable”
Thanks in advance for any suggestions



If you are able to use an on/off binary control in HomeWave for this device, simply open its properties and set it to “disabled” to prevent any changes to the device from the app.