Recognising Ecolink Tilt zwave2.5 Garage Sensor

I recently purchased 2 Ecolink Garagedoor Sensors. (TILTZWAVE2.5-ECO).
My problem is that i do not event get the device included into my VeraPlus.
I followed the instruction (start inclusion, insert battery) for about hundret times, no luck so far.

Is there any special procedure/device i need to choose to get the sensor included?


I just added a couple of these to a VeraEdge after doing a lot investigation.
Attached is my cheat sheet for what worked for me. Hope this helps.

EcoLinkTiltZwave2.5GarageSensor.pdf (654.2 KB)

Thanks a lot for your PDF, however i still do not get the device to be included.
I start the detection, insert the battery, the green LED starts blinking and thats it.
Could you do me a favour and explain in detail, how you do the inclusion process?

Did you try to first exclude the device? It looks to me like your device was included in a network for testing and when you wake it up, it won’t add to the vera because it already has a homeID.

I agree, the device needs to be “unpaired” or “excluded”.

However, how does one “exclude” a device that has never been been paired with the current Vera controller?

The only documentation I have found is:

but it seems to work only if a device has already been paired with the controller.

I recall reading somewhere that the exclusion process is part of the Vera inclusion process, but am not sure. My limited experiments show this is the case and that I have had luck with going thru the “Inclusion” process twice - the first time to “exclude” the device and then a second time to “include” the device.

Further insight/comments welcome - as I am a newbie when it comes to Vera.

Exclude in Z-Wave is promiscuous… when the controller, any controller, is in exclusion mode, any device that sends a Z-Wave message is excluded and reset. So you can exclude a device that has never been included on any controller you have.

Be forewarned, though… if you put your Vera in exclusion mode and trip a motion sensor or operate a switch while it’s in that mode, it will happily exclude that for you. It’s a feature (of Z-Wave). The first one to talk gets shot in the head, even if it’s not the intended target.

I do wish they’d just include a factory reset process to avoid this issue.


Agree that Ecolink should provide a factory reset procedure.

But, I also wish the Vera would provide an separate button on their UI to exclude a device. It seems counter-intuitive to go to an existing device, click on “Delete” and then “Unpair” for a device that is not related to it.
Or have I overlooked something in the UI?

You would be perfectly justified. The vera UI has some very strange deficiencies… In order to remedy these, you can always install ALTUI…

You can also use the buttons on the controller. That’s a little more obscure, but it works fine.

I agree and this would totally make sense if I could manage to even recognize the device. As the inclusion process is the same as including it (remove battery for 5secs and reinsert it) I assume that on a certain point my device gets into a virgin state.

I wasn’t aware you could include or exclude in AltUI?

Damn, it’s ‘Create’ innit?


Under the table controller page… you have an include/exclude button.

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Really useful!

I also received a response from Vera support that offered the following information:

One can run the Exclusion process on the device from the Vera Controller and Vera UI; this process unpairs the device from any previously paired Controller.

The steps to exclude a previously paired device:

  • go to Devices and click on “+ Add Device”.
  • Search for, and select, the Generic Z/Wave Device.
  • Select Next (2 times) to get to the last step where the controller tries to pair a device (spinning wheel and countdown timer is running)
  • Bring the Device nearby the Controller and put the device into its “inclusion” mode (putting a device into “inclusion” mode is device dependent; refer to the device’s user guide for how to do this)
  • If the countdown timer reaches zero without including, then repeat with putting the device back into its inclusion mode.
  • Click on Retry. The Controller is now in Exclusion mode
  • The device should now be excluded from its previous paired controller, and it may also be added to the Vera Controller as part of this step.
  • If the Vera Controller didn’t add the device, then try “adding” it again (should not need to click retry this time.)

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