Release Notes Android - v. 7.40.371 Advanced Scenes for Ezlo controllers

We’re pleased to announce that today we’ve submitted the VeraMobile for Android v.7.40.371 with the following:

Ezlo Atom, Ezlo PlugHub controllers and Vera Edge that runs alpha Ezlo Linux firmware:

  • In scene creation you can now use AND, OR, NOT logical operators, as well as the ability to create groups with them to define in the triggers the logic that best fits your needs.
  • With scenes you can now set the house mode to home/ away/ night/ vacation when certain triggers are met.
  • The scene creation flow has been redesigned to be easier for you to define your automations. You can check the support article to see a step-by-step description of scene creation.

Vera controllers:

  • Bug fixing for VistaCam702*
  • Fixed issue with devices and scenes that didn’t appear in the UI.

*VistaCam702 is an indoor camera with 2-way audio we’ll soon have available in our online shop.

Known issues:

  • Geofence issue that sets wrong parameters which cause the controller to not be accessed by the user from the app -> the customer care can help you with this for now.

To see how to setup a scene with the new logical operators you can check this video VeraMobile for Android advanced scene creation with Ezlo VOI™.


Google announced delays in app reviews, as stated in the picture below:

It will take a while to have it approved. If you want early access to our Android builds please enrol as a Beta tester by following the steps described here.
For those of you that are already Beta testers PLEASE enrol again at the above link, as we’ve changed the tool to distribute the builds.

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Hi @Ioana,

Has the issue with the scene editor for Vera controllers been fixed? If not I’ll skip this one. That and the still open geofence issue are two that need top prio imo.

Cheers Rene

Just finished installing everything and opened the latest beta .371

As expected/hoped/feared, under VOI, yep, there’s all NINE of the Amazon Alexa devices waiting for me. I see them now, ha ha. Should I delete eight of them??

The team fixed the issue - we’ve just publish the announcement here.
Please give it a try and let us know your testing results.

Thank you,

I’m happy you see them now and you can PLAY with Ezlo VOI™.

You’ll not like my answer - the delete option is not working yet, it’s being worked on.

I figured as much, after seeing your own employee’s iPhone screen full of Alexa’s in 3.37(4)!

good catch :wink:


First findings. Some missed QA again.

  • You cannot create a geofence. The app crashes.
  • All over Cannot detect device messages are appearing. I have one device disconnected on purpose. Not sure if that is causing it as i do not see it on an other controller. I just noticed this on V.360 as well.
  • There are too many screen repaints going on making the performance horrible slow. Scrolling up and down the device list is unacceptably slow. The 0% for dimmers are blinking on and off all the time for example.
  • Linking for Alexa is still not right. After the login the app displays the link is complete, but it is not. You (= the app logic) has to go to the second Alexa screen to allow signin to the VoiEzloProfile to complete the linking. You now must check the ‘keep me signed in’ and add it twice as a workaround. This has been like this for the last couple of releases.
  • I cannot use Alexa or Google in Scene device actions. I enter a command. Clicking test gives the expected result and an Ok from Alexa/Google. When clicking Done the message “command cannot be empty” is shown and you cannot proceed. It seems you can proceed if you skip the test function and click Done after entering the command text. However, the command text ends up empty and the device action does nothing.
  • The Gui displayed http icons for plugins if accessible. This does not happen anymore other than you select a plugin device. Then the icon does show.

Good things:

  • I can create and edit scenes again.

Not ready for GA, barely Beta.

Cheers Rene

In .376 I keep seeing this when I click “◄ Back” immediately after issuing a (successful) Alexa VOI command.

Is that what you’re seeing, too?

Hi LibraSun,

I think you need to have the last Alexa device that got added ok. It took me some time to find it.

I cannot use it in a scene though. I enter a command, hitting test works. Then click done and I get “command cannot be empty”? Well it has a command filled out!

Cheers Rene

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At least we’re on the same page. If only the page didn’t read “This page intentionally left blank” ha ha :smiley:

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NEW FEEDBACK: Unexpected error on VOI command attempt

Right out of the chute after installing and opening .381 beta, I got this error:

Steps to replicate: Open beta app > (controller VeraEdge was already selected) > VOI menu, tap last Alexa device > type in basic command (“add salad to costco list”) > click Send command

Expected behavior: Salad added to Costco list (which exists), since this is a known-good activity when spoken to physical Alexa.

NEW FEEDBACK: Changing House Mode countdown not sticking

I think after I file this report I might take a break from beta testing this app, because it is kind of becoming a joke to me. Every time something breaks it takes me 20 minutes to get through other broken things (like the app crashing or being bumped back to the beginning of Scene creation wizard, etc.) just to document the problem and report it to you.

In this case, using .381 on Android 9 (One Plus One) to manage my Linux VeraEdge, after changing the house mode changes delay from 30 seconds to 15 seconds, every subsequent visit to that dialogue or in fact when actually changing house modes, the countdown reverted to 30 seconds.

On a positive note, I was able to create a time-based scene, and it did fire at the requested time to change the house mode as instructed.

So I am about 1-for-10 with Vera Mobile at this stage. Think I’ll sit out the next few revisions while y’all contemplate testing these things in-house first.

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