Release Notes Ezlo Cloud - Support for Notifications & Linux OTA

We’re pleased to announce that today we added support for the following notifications for Ezlo controllers:

  • Door locks:
    • A PIN code has been used;
    • PIN code changed from keypad;
    • Lock button has been pressed;
    • Door lock fails to operate;
    • A PIN code couldn’t be programmed;
    • A PIN code was successfully programmed;
    • A PIN code has been removed;
    • A PIN code is used outside valid date;
    • PIN code was added;
    • Door is locked;
    • Door is unlocked;
  • Garage door:
    • Is opened;
    • Is closed;
  • Thermostat:
    • Is set to heat mode;
    • Is set to cool mode;
    • Is set to auto mode;
    • Is turned OFF;
  • Thermostat fan:
    • Is set to auto mode;
    • Is set to continuous mode;
    • Is set to periodic ON mode;
  • Device:
    • Is turned on;
    • Is turned off;
  • Device tempering:
    • Device is tempered with;
    • Temper no longer detected;
  • Smoke:
    • No longer detected;
  • Leak:
    • detected;
    • No longer detected;
  • Motion:
    • No longer detected;
  • Carbon monoxide:
    • Detected;
    • No longer detected;
  • Glass break;
  • Temperature is greater/lower than a threshold;

Additionally we’ve also added support for Ezlo Linux OTA upgrade with this release.


Looks good! My question is will there be notification for when there is smoke detected. Would not be useful to have a notification for when it’s not detected

Hi Pabla,

This is already supported from previous releases (few months ago). I’ve added the new notifications that are part of today’s release.

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Hello @loana
I’m sorry to ask you in this post, and my questions are not intended to attack you or Ezlo, but you’ve been making lots of announcements for the Ezlo controller for a few weeks, but when is it for the vera? will they have an update with these same functions?
or will vera owners have to put their hands in the wallet to acquire an Ezlo controller? When is it not for Europe, we are often sidelined?
if I have to change my controller for these functions I am not sure to buy from you …

The new Linux firmware from my understanding will support the Vera controllers too, eventually. Since Ezlo has bought Vera they have already updated the Vera UI 3 times, and will still be updating it. There probably will be newer better Ezlo hardware in the future but till then I’m assuming they will keep support for current gen Vera hubs. So I wouldn’t say they’re ditching current Vera owners at all.

it is however the feeling that i have a solution that is starting to be abandoned, what do you mean by updating the user interface? For my part I saw only a few icons be replaced and the android application (because I do not have Apple hardware) to be updated, but frankly it is not madness either. Since I bought my Vera Plus the system is not progressing much, at CES they talked about UI8, then after new Ezlo controllers. integration level there is a lot of material from the USA but on the European side we are dumped, just to have Alexa they took almost a year and it must be admitted that it works average. Google Home I waited a year and a half … and for the moment I have no voice feedback, only orders from GH or Alexa to Vera. This is just an example, device integration side is always complicated, even when it is supported you have to struggle to include / exclude and some device worked before then does not work … now before buy a device I ask several times to users to be sure not to throw money out the window. In short, you don’t put us in confidence.
in short it does not matter, I do not want to pollute the subject

I should’ve used the word OS instead of UI, they have been fixing the current Vera OS since they’ve bought out Vera. As per Alexa integration I agree for users outside of North America they aren’t very quick to add support. UI8 from what I’m understanding is what the new Linux firmware will eventually become, albeit quite a ways away still. I personally don’t see them abandoning any of the Vera devices anytime soon, especially since they’re already testing the alpha version of the Linux firmware on the edge.

the future will tell :légèrement_smiling_face:

Myself and others are already testing the alpha release of the Ezlo Linux OS for the Vera Edge.

It’s got a long Way to go, but the signs are very encouraging.

They are making tweaks to the existing Vera mobile apps by adding a basic slightly customisable dashboard page and adding Ezlo VOI.

But we have been told they are creating from the ground up new mobile apps with fully customisable dashboard pages.

They best make the features on a par with Imperihome and then some IMHO however…

As for the new Linux firmware there is no Web GUI yet, but their new GUI will be “Ui8”.

This topic is for the Linux firmware alpha running on the Vera edge, and atom hubs. Please post your issues for Vera secure with the latest stable firmware either in its own topic or the correct relevant one.

i posted it here as when this release came out, that is when the issue started
it would not be the first time that an other product is affected due to another
remember when the atom came out
a very similar issue occurred and edge/plus/secure were unreachable as a result

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