Release Notes - RTOS Firmware (Atom & PlugHub) v. 8.481

We’re glad to announce that today we released a new RTOS v. 8.481 for our Ezlo Atom and Ezlo PlugHub :

New Features:

  • Added support for SOUND_SWITCH Z-wave command class
  • Added support for using pin codes in scenes by adding the possibility to create scenes that are triggered by Pin codes being entered.
  • Added support for rediscovery Z-wave Network (the UI support for this feature will come in the next releases)


  • Optimization of memory usage and performance improvements.
  • Reduced the delays when getting the list of pin codes set on a door lock.


  • Fixed the issue with not being able to set and get Pin codes.
  • Bug fixes and improvements on creating scenes that are triggered by other devices and use scene controllers as triggers in scenes.
  • Fixed the issue with Thermostat’s mode change actions that were missing from Device Trigger when creating a scene.
  • Fixed the issue on Door Locks with a crash occurring when changing state after scanning the codes.
  • Fixed the issue on door locks with a crash occurring when using a master code for lock/unlock.
  • Fixed the issue with not being able to set thermostat setpoint.
  • Fixed the issue with temperature/Brightness/Seismic triggers being incorrectly executed.

Known issues:

  • Issue with incorrect sunset time for the scene with different from the default timezone (EST)
  • Issue with button numbering missing from the trigger list for scene controllers

great work guys!

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