Release Notes - RTOS Firmware (Atom) v8.117


  • Improved the mechanism to update the reachable / unreachable states for Z-Wave devices
  • Changed the default settings in House modes in order for the user to be notified by default also in “Home” mode in case an armed sensor is tripped.


  • Fixed the issue with the firmware upgrade process where, during the upgrade process, if the controller was losing internet connection the upgrade was not longer performed until a reboot.
  • Fixed the issue where the states of the House Modes were not changed to ‘Custom’ when changing the default state of a siren.
  • Fixed the issue with changing the thermostat mode and setpoint from the same scene was partially executed
  • Fixed the issue with not being able to control Linear GD00Z-5 Garage Door Opener when paired with the controller.
  • Fixed the issue with not being able to include Ecolink Siren SC-ZWAVE5
  • Fixed the issue with being able to include the same device more than once.

New devices integrated:

  1. Philio PST02-C Slim Multisensor
  2. Aeotec DSD37-ZWUS Repeater
  3. Vision ZD2102US-5 Door/Window Sensor
  4. Neo Coolcam NAS-WR01Z Wall Plug
  5. Vision ZP3111US-5 4 in1 PIR Sensor
  6. GE/Jasco In-Wall Smart Toggle Switch ZW4003/14319
  7. GE/Jasco In-Wall Smart Toggle Switch ZW4003/14292
  8. GE/Jasco 12727/ZW4003 Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switch (Toggle)
  9. Vision Motion Detector ZP3102US-5
  10. GoControl WO15EMZ5-1 Single Wall Outlet Integration
  11. Fibaro FGMS-001 Motion Sensor
  12. Zooz ZSE40 4-1 Multi-Sensor
  13. Zooz ZSE18 Z-Wave Plus S2 Motion Sensor
  14. Philio PAN08 Roller Shutter Controller
  15. GoControl Z-Wave Battery Thermostat TBZ48
  16. Remotec ZTS-500 Z-Wave Smart Thermostat
  17. Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 5 ZW120
  18. Aeotec ZW117 Range Extender 6
  19. Philio PSE02 Siren
  20. Fortrezz FTS05 Flood and Temperature Sensor
  21. GE/Jasco ZW3104 Plug-in Dimmer
  22. GoControl WD500Z-1 Scene Capable Wall Switch Dimmer
  23. GoControl LB60Z-1 Dimmable LED Light Bulb
  24. SWF RSZ1 Roller Shade Radio Z-Wave
  25. SWF CSZ1 Cellular Shade Radio Z-Wave
  26. Aeotec ZW096 Smart Switch 6
  27. Philio PAN15 Smart Energy Plug In Switch
  28. Ecolink DW-ZWAVE2.5-ECO D/W Sensor
  29. Neo Coolcam NAS-PD01Z Multi-Sensor
  30. Dome DMS01 Z-Wave Plus Siren
  31. Dome DMMS1 Motion and Light Sensor
  32. Zlink WS-100 Z-Wave In-Wall On/Off Switch
  33. Zlink WD-100 Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Dimmer
  34. Zlink WS-100 Z-Wave Plus In-Wall On/Off Switch
  35. Neo Coolcam NAS-DS01Z D/W Sensor
  36. GE/Jasco Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Dimmer (Toggle) ZW3004
  37. SWF VCZ1 Remote Controller
  38. SWF MCZ1 Multi-Channel Remote Controller
  39. SWF BRZ1 Basic Remote Controller
  40. Dome DMWD1 Door Sensor
  41. Dome DMOF1 On/Off Plug-in Switch

Known issues:

  • Issue with no events being generated when tampering a security sensor.
  • Issue with armed and tripped leak / flood sensors don’t notify users
  • Issue with Philio PSP05-A motion sensor that does not report tripped state.
  • Intermatic CA9000 motion sensor doesn’t send any broadcast for trip/untrip
  • Issue with being unable to include Oomi Water Sensor FT122-A
  • Issue with being unable to include Ecolink FLF-ZWAVE5 Flood/Freeze Sensor
  • Issue with not being able to pair Cooper GEN3 devices with Atom
  • Issue with the Color of RGB bulbs not being persisted
  • Issue with the controller resetting to factory defaults after multiple actions that are causing a crash.

Some of these known issues are show stoppers!!

Shouldn’t the Ezlo Atom product have its own (separate) folder in Announcements?
I come here for Vera updates and this is all muddied-up now.

I’m assuming RTOS Firmware is for Ezlo Atom only.

The title “Release Notes - RTOS Firmware v8.117” is not self-explanatory to me.

Sorry for the rant.


Yeah. The water leak one is a big issue. (Says the person having $7000 worth of floors replaced because of a clogged condensation line that was no where near my 2 water sensors…).

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