Release Notes - RTOS Firmware v8.95

Specially designed RTOS gives maximum consumption of the system and more output while using all the Atom’s resources and keeping all connected Z-Wave devices active. There is little or no down time in Atom’s system. So it can be also using external libraries for wireless communication to give maximum output, speed and performance.

ZNET library
Specially designed Z-Wave library which can work with very small hardware, CPU and RAM environment and making Z-Wave data transmission faster.

Using WebSocket protocol for communicating with Cloud and UI clients provides fast notifications and response on commands.

Plugins for better performance and speed
With ready LUA function libraries (API), it is possible to write LUA scripts to deploy local automation or make integration. New plugins architecture is based on asynchronous metodology. Firmware provides Lua API for ZWave, Network, Database, API model functionality. And it can easily extended.

Support of configuration CC**
To allow the user to change its settings, Z-Wave devices are using the Configuration command class. The configuration command class includes commands to read and set configuration parameter values of Z-Wave devices.

Support of Ezlo-Cast.
All the nodes in the z-wave network receive the payload of Ezlo-Cast message at the same time. Ezlo-Cast frames are transmitted to a number of nodes ranging from 1 to 232 nodes at the same time. The frame may carry more then one destination address. It is making control of devices easy and fast. The same payload can be delivered to selected nodes only.

Small fixes and updates doesn’t require whole firmware/system update. It can be easily updated by small parts.

Z-Wave API
Firmware provides Lua API for working with Z-Wave command classes and gives posibility to access to wide range of command classes in Lua code. S2 and multicast functionality also supported.

Z-Wave Plugin
One plugin for the RTOS Firmware and the Linux Firmware which will run in the newly launched ATOM controller, the current Vera controllers but also on our future generations of coontrollers whic will hit the market soon. New Z-Wave plugin supports:
- Including S2 devices
- Multicasts
- Auto detecting type of devcies via Z-Wave information
- Auto creating root/subdevices devices by Z-Wave Command Classes
- and wide range of different devices


When it will be available?

This firmware is already out and run on the new Atom controller ->

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