Release Notes - UI7 - Vera Firmware Update - v.7.0.31 (1.7.4954/1.7.4955/1.7.4956) - February 19th, 2020


I’ve raised everything you posted here to the technical team to be included in the scope for the 7.32 release.
If there are other minor items that were reported/requested and are not yet solved please ping me (PM or in this post) to make sure I’ll bring them into discussion.



Hi, @Ioana and @rafale77.

I am following this thread and to be honest I have a serious doubt about when to do the upgrade.

Should I wait for the hotfix that is expected for thus week or the following one?

Should I wait for a future 7.0.32 that we don’t know what time plan has?

Whatever you answer, please, consider that many of us are real end-user, whit maybe some technical knowledges, but we are not Linux, either VERA firmware technicians.

Thanks and best regards.


May I strongly suggest that someone from corporate CONDUCT A POLL asking users whether they:

  • Already upgraded with minor or no issues
  • Already upgraded with major issues resulting
  • Have not upgraded, but intend to upgrade soon
  • Have not upgraded, and do not intend to upgrade
  • Have no opinion about upgrading to 7.0.31 firmware

Might help get a sense of where everybody stands!!


Checking on this.

I think if anyone poll’s at Corporate Then they would Get NONCED and be CANNED.

pardon the joke.



Regarding the Philips Hue problem.

All my Hue bulbs have disappeared from Vera now !

However I have not even updated to this new Vera firmware. My Vera Plus is still on version 1.7.4453 (7.29).

I couldn’t control my lamps in my living room and I noticed that the Philips Hue plugin v1.76 (not the AltHue one) in the UI7 was turned Off. I turned it back on.

Hue Scenes still work OK from Vera UI7 using the Hue plugin, however the actual Hue bulbs have all vanished from the UI7.

My Hue bridge is now on version 1937045000 and shows that it updated today, despite the fact in the Hue mobile app I had turned off auto updates in the settings.

Looking on the Philips Hue release notes webpage version 1937045000 was released by them today.

The prior version of the Hue bridge was version 1935144040 and everything was working OK on that version since January when that version was released by Philips.

So I’d say this Philips Hue problem is not related to the 7.3.1 Vera firmware update ?

So what the hell is going on and how do I fix it ?



I have a 3rd party Zigbee ZLL LED strip controller a Dresden fls-pp lp and that is still showing in the UI7 and controllable. Its the genuine Hue bulbs that have vanished.

Does anyone know which Philips Hue plugin file to actually modify ?


At a guess i would look at the one ending lua.

Sorin, check on (185865) please. Awaiting support for weeks now and only had contact 2 times. In am in desperate need of support.

I’ve just viewed all the Hue plugin files and searched for the word “signify” and none of them appear to contain that word or text.

Manufacturer in the LUA file L_PhilipsHue2.lua.lzo is still “Philips” not “Signify”.


Perhaps that information was a red herring.

So for those of you that lost your Hue bulbs from the UI7.

On what firmware version of the Philips Hue bridge did it happen ?

I don’t understand why it was working for me on version 1935144040 but today on version 1937045000 the Hue bulbs have vanished.

This will lighten the atmosphere… well at least for some.


I just restored a Vera backup from yesterday and my Hue bulbs are still missing, so not sure what’s going on.

Release notes from the Philips Hue site:

February 24, 2020

Firmware 19370450000 (Bridge V2)

We regularly update your Hue Bridge to improve the performance and reliability of the system.

  • Added support for HTTP/2
  • Fixed an issue that could unintentionally restart the Hue Bridge
  • Updated the time zones to match Daylight Saving Time changes
  • Improved deep dimming behavior for older lights
  • Changed the manufacturer name to Signify in HomeKit
  • Improved reliability and security of the Hue Bridge

ALTHUE… is what you need.

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Maybe this should of been the other way round ?

From “Philips” to "Signify.

I only have 4 Hue bulbs all in my living room.

I don’t need the advanced features of the ALTHue plugin but I understand that it may fix this issue.

However I would really like my Hue bulbs back with the same device ID’s in Vera as I have lots of scenes / PLEG logic and Imperihome apps all looking for those particular device IDs etc.

I don’t understand why you think it is anything advanced. It is a direct replacement, better written, cleaner and simpler than the mios one. It is even smaller in size I believe. You may be confusing with ALTUI both courtesy of @amg0.

That may well be the case but it doesn’t solve my current issue with the missing bulbs unless I want to reconfigure everything else to point to new device IDs.

And by advanced I meant stuff like Hue motion sensors and Ikea stuff.

You don’t have to. You can install the plugin. The device will configure themselves, change their IDs and you are done…
The original 2 hue plugins on the vera were a hot mess. I looked at the code and the rule followed appeared to be “Why make it simple when we can make it complicated?”

I wasn’t aware I could change a devices ID in Vera.

So if the bulbs get added with the ALTHue plugin with new device IDs. I can change those bulbs back to their old original device IDs ?


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