Release Notes - UI7 - Vera Firmware Update - v.7.0.31 (1.7.4954/1.7.4955/1.7.4956) - February 19th, 2020

I wasn’t aware I could change a devices ID in Vera.

So if the bulbs get added with the ALTHue plugin with new device IDs. I can change those bulbs back to their old original device IDs ?


yes you can.

See the id parameter in the advanced device parameter table? Yeah… the id is the same as the device #. You change and reload luup it will change the id.

Now if you want to bring your device id numbers back down for the next time you add a device, run this code:

luup.attr_set ("Device_Num_Next", 123)

That’s the OCD side of me speaking… replace 123 by the device number you want the next one to be.


Sorry, I just assumed that bit was obvious.

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Well I never knew LOL, wish I did very handy being able to change a devices ID number.

I just found this on an old thread:

You can use the following code in the ‘Test Luup Code’ section (Apps - Develop Apps):


Replace the desired_id with the new ID and current_id with the id at present


I did the update, it went well.
By cons I had a problem with my fibaro keyfob which is not included, the update has not resolved anything on this side, the inclusion is done but after impossible to send an order even by waking up the remote control several always the same message “Waiting for wakeup to configure device”
Still no support for the Fibaro smart implant
Very disappointed…


I installed the AltHue plugin. I changed the device numbers of the Hue bulbs to what the old devices number were.

Doing this meant my PLEG logic that referenced those original devices / device numbers is still all OK.
As is the Imperihome app and the Java HA Bridge.

However all my native Vera scenes that included any Hue bulbs were all broken and the devices were just missing from the scenes.

I also have an issue with AltHue plugin cannot remove the “Hue” Name prefix and in a Vera scene there is no option to select “SetHueandSaturation” like there was with the Philips Hue 2 plugin.

So at the moment some of my Vera scenes are broken.

But least I can control the Hue bulbs again on my Harmony Elite remote and via Imperihome app.

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AHH… The awesome smart luup reload vera implemented to delete all the scenes with deleted triggers and all the triggers from non existent device IDs… They always think they are smarter than us so they do it without asking. I hate it.
The way around this is a bit complicated: You would need ALTUI to prevent luup from reloading at every change (another stupidity of the vera).
Start by recovering from backup. Install Altue and set it up. Use ALTUI to swap the IDs, then delete the old Hue plugin which will delete the old devices… It takes some expertise and understanding of the underlying system to do that. The key is to avoid luup reloads.

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I have manually fixed some native Vera scenes like “All Lights On” “All Lights Off” “Lounge Lamps On” Lounge Lamps Off" etc bit of a pain but easy enough to add the Hue bulbs back in to those basic scenes.

I also had a number of Vera scenes that set my two LED strip lights to certain solid colours.

And because I have a Dresden Fls-pp lp ballast running the LED strip behind my wall mounted TV and a genuine Philips Hue gen 1 strip behind my AV cabinet below the TV, their shades of solid colour are different.

In the old Philips Hue 2 plugin in a Vera scene I could select a “SetHueAndSaturation” option from the drop down list and specify different Hue values for each strip to get the same shade colour of blue for example to the eye.

But with the AltHue plugin that “SetHueAndSaturation” option is missing.

So I can’t seem to specify an exact Hue value in a Vera scene using the AltHue plugin.

So all the Vera scenes I had for setting colours on these LED strips, they are all broken now.

See I told you it is not more advanced… :grin:

Seriously though, you can set the colors of the strips. It is just done differently because it is a different plugin. Just need to spend some time in the documentation.

I would like to know if it’s safe to update the Vera Edge. Problems seem to be more with the Plus. Has anybody successfully updated the Edge.

Yes. No issues. My Edge, however, is a test machine with few devices.

Update on my VeraPlus. All day, the Vera rebooted about every 20 to 30 minutes.

Tonight, I restored from backup - rebooted about 21 minutes later.

Did a factory reset, restored from backup - rebooted about 19 minutes later.

Turned off wi-fi (this was off before I did a factory reset) - rebooted about 31 minutes later.

Next on my agenda is to look through the logs and by Friday, log a ticket with support.

I upgraded firmware on my network switches which causes a network disruption for a short period of time and… this has triggered a luup reload.

@loana, I have asked this for years even remembering tickets I had opened discussing with some of your more senior staff in support (@Cristina I believe). The firmware acts as if a luup reload is a fix for something gone wrong. 90% of the time the luup reload is what is wrong. Please stop reloading luup in any of the code, scripts and processes. Instead put a flag out to suggest that something has changed and that a luup reload is suggested. Only when the error is critical should it reload. In this case, a temporary network disconnection. Imagine if a scene was running… I had the whole discussion about eliminating the need for the vera to reach the event servers. It prevents the vera from functioning without the internet and when an event is created like a burglary alarm or a device becoming unreachable, it would accumulate http calls to the event servers until the luup engine crashes. I ended up having to write a script to wipe out these alerts in the /etc/alerts folder and call a luup reload. This luup reload however seems to be a regression. It’s an exit code 245.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks! Since we’re at it, please bring back icons for doorbell/garage doors. Many of us can’t change device categories (because your engine will change it back at its first reload), and we have relays (like Fibaro FGS 22*/23*) attached to doorbells or garage doors. It’ll not take more time to just pick your previous json file (7.28 or 7.27, I don’t remember it very well) and restore it. It won’t harm anything at all, it’s just cosmetic.

I’m expecting to see icons according to this table:

SubCategory Device Type Icon
1 Interior Bulb
2 Exterior Bulb
3 In Wall Bulb
4 Refrigerator Switch
5 Garage Door Garage Door
6 Doorbell Doorbell
7 Valve Water valve
8 Relay Switch

The new Binary Sensor (4-8) seems to not be supported by a proper icon. Thanks!


I’m not sure if this is related to the firmware update but it only seemed to start after the update. Yesterday my Vera kept triggering scenes that I run based on the House Modes plugin, it triggered 7 times throughout the night. I do have geofencing enabled but both devices were home as we were sleeping.
Has anyone else seen any bizarre behavior like this since the update?
I’ve emailed support to see if they have any idea, waiting on their response.

You know what, I had a scene fire last night with out any prompting. Will have to pay closer attention today.

at home the modes have changed from Home to Away without me doing anything, it happened before the last update. It’s nice when the whole family is at home with 18-month-old babies and the sirens that trigger

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I agree that is pretty bad!

It just happened to me again, so I disabled my scenes for now. Seems kind of useless to have a home automation system with disabled functionality.

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