Release Notes - UI7 - Vera Firmware Update - v.7.0.31 (1.7.4954/1.7.4955/1.7.4956) - February 19th, 2020

The settings should be saved in your user-data so if you did not do a factory reset, they should all still be there. If you did go through a factory reset then a restore from backup should bring them back.

Rafale, in the lightof this question above. I experience that if I exclude and include a battery sensor your settings are not copied to that sensor. Correct?

Yes if you exclude a device and include it again it is back to the default settings

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Correct, you will have to set them again since the vera sets them back to default. Both on the sensor side (wakeup interval) and on the vera side (wakeup_nnu parameter).

Note that when a device has just gotten included, it may make sense for it to run a wakeup_nnu once or twice just like it makes sense to run a heal for AC powered device. It just makes much less sense on the battery operated one because… if it got the signal from the controller it means that it probably doesn’t need it. It’s not very logical. This would be helpful to do only at the time of inclusion.

I will wait a good three weeks before doing this update especially that we will not be able to go back without calling on support dapres what I understand

Upgrade from beta 1 was smooth. I lost wattage as well :sweat:

Is it unique to the switches or do you see that on the HEM as well? (My prod unit is on another luup uptime marathon so I am testing devices)

If it is just the devices, it is likely the device json which somehow has changed.
Edit: nope that’s not it. It is within the web server then. likely the css…

sorry, what is css ?

I’ve got the Philips Hue issue. I don’t see my hue devices anymore in my vera Plus. But iam not sure it’s caused by the firmware upgrade of the vera.
My hue bridge received yesterday an update and I think that was when the issue occurred. So I think its an issue with the plugin and the Hue Bridge software and not the Vera Firmware

I am no web developer myself, so I can’t go too deep into it. It is the part of the code which runs the “styles sheets” of the webpage which the device representation on the UI is. It is purely a display problem it seems.

Ok solvable by the Vera team … but annoying :frowning_face:

I can see my H.E.M

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I reported it in the beta 2 thread. the android app shows the watt readings though…

Hi, my upgrade from 7.0. 29 to 7.0.31 went nice and smooth.

Can confirm any plugs or relays which were previously displaying watts now aren’t, however they are present on variables. Hem is not affected.

Phillips hue lights work here, and seem to be quicker to respond now.

Initially my flood sensor (aeotec zw122) didn’t reconnect, but after it woke up, it’s now working again. Just need to find out how best to be able to detect from either probes, to cover different areas now.

So far, so good.

Does anyone one if exroot is working from beta 1 or 2?


I use Imperihome app, that also still displays the watt readings

I also use the Hue 2 plug-in so I will be holding off on the update until that key plug-in is fixed. Although I can control the lights using Alexa, I have Vera ramping up nightstands lights in the morning and turning them on at bedtime. Too important to WAF :wink:

IDK, My VeraPlus runs pretty flawless right now and I didn’t even know about a “Christmas Light” issue so I don’t even know what that is. Should I upgrade or ask support to make it so the upgrade nag doesn’t come up every time I log in?

If I upgrade, is it working with Reactor? How about Jandy Pool Control? Emby Plugin? Harmony Plugin? Garage Door?

Hmm… Scary.

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Updated a VeraEdge, without any issues so far…

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As I mentioned in the known issues list in the second post, no this kernel breaks extroot.
As a result, since it isn’t very useful at the moment without extroot, I decided to convert my old vera plus (which also already has a few bad blocks and I have only been using for testing) into a zwave and zigbee radio serial device for my test Homeseer and Home Assistant instances respectively by disabling everything from mios on it and sending the serial ports over with ser2net… I also figured I might as well give it a knightrider look. :crazy_face:


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