Release notes - Vera Mobile Android v.7.40.337

We’re excited to announce that we are releasing now the Android v.7.40.336.

New features for Ezlo Atom and Ezlo PlugHub:

  • Local access version 1 - you can create scenes that are triggered by other devices and have the scenes run even if the Ezlo Atom or Ezlo PlugHub doesn’t have internet connect.
    For example you have a scene controller and push a button to run a scene -> the scene will run even if there is no Internet connection.

  • Use scene controllers to trigger scenes.

New features for VeraMobile app:

  • In the new dashboard you can now choose to hide/unhide the old dashboard


  • Fixed a crash when a lock command was set on a door lock in Devices list
  • Fix a crash that occurred in exclusion mode
  • Fixed an issue when a device was not deleted after the user removed it
  • Fix icon for Fortrezz WV-01 Water valve
  • Fixed an issue in the dashboard for the carousel when the mode was changed

We made some videos for you guys to see:

How to create a scene with device as a trigger:

How to edit a scene


Just got it through autoupdate and for me its totally broken. Please see: Vera Mobile for Android version 7.40.337 is totally broken


We made an update to the previous application, but with a bigger version than the current one to overwrite the apps that received updates - 7.40.344. Thank you for your support, we will be back as soon as possible next week with a new version.

Hi @Ioana ,

The app does not crash on my S10. However it is very sluggish to scroll up and down the list of devices. (it is nice to see more Icons of plug-in show up, although still you cannot do anything with the. Its a start I suppose)

Also an old issue with Geofencing resurfaced. After the update the geofencing stopped working and I found the option got disabled, so I had to re-enable it. When I try to make a change to an existing Geofence (like changing the name) and click save, it just hangs trying to save, but never completes. I cleared the app cache, did not help. Cleared all app data, logged in again, also does not help.
Update: I found that the problem is with my Plus controller only. I cannot make any changes to Geofences on that (no change, delete, create) nor do they work as scene triggers anymore on the Plus (7.30 and 7.31). Other controllers are just fine with this.
Update2: I hacked the user_data.json and removed the geofences from it. I could now recreate and later change them. Next test is if geofencing is now working again. For developers info; the (prepopulated) name and address for the ‘corrupted’ geofences where 70 characters long. I now changed them to shorter values before saving.

An other bit annoying bug is that if you switch controller, you are first asked to select the controller you want to switch to, then the same page with the controllers comes up asking to select the location?? This is not new to this version, it has been there for a while now. All my controllers are on the same location

Please report this to the app developers team.

Cheers Rene

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