Release Notes - Vera Mobile Android v7.32.285

New features

  • Re-enabling subscription to our monitoring service - VeraProtect Professional Security with Stripe payment platform as support.
  • The already enrolled Annual VeraProtect customers will see the details of their active legacy plans in MyAccount section.
  • Added search option on devices list
  • Added search option on Add device wizard


  • Fixed the issue for RGB color picker


  • Improvement on status message for include/exclude error events.
  • Show energy consumption for binary lights on atom
  • Removed permission request to call from the Android App
  • Allow user to define controller name with more than one word
  • Implement high quality streaming for cameras.

If I switch between the new dashboard and the traditional dashboard back and fort the app crashes.

Hi, the most i hate, that (android) “back” button, goes out of the app,
why you cannot make it like normal back button to go back to the previous page ?

It seems that the Android version of the App is way behind compare to the ios one. What’s the plan here?

Ios first and android sometime after?

$Update$: Just updated to a newer release(7.32.321). From a quick look it seemed to be a bit more at par with the iOS app.

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