Release notes Vera Mobile for Android v. 7.40.354

We’re pleased to announce that today we released a new version of the Vera Mobile app for Android v. 7.40.354 with the following:

New features for Ezlo hubs (Ezlo Atom, Ezlo PlugHub) :

  • Ezlo VOI™

  • PIN codes

  • Local access version 1 - you can create scenes that are triggered by other devices and have the scenes run even if the Ezlo Atom or Ezlo PlugHub doesn’t have internet connect.
    For example you have a scene controller and push a button to run a scene -> the scene will run even if there is no Internet connection.

  • Use scene controllers to trigger scenes;

Ezlo VOI™ (Voice Orchestration Infrastructure) is a patent pending platform that enables you to control any device connected to voice assistants like Alexa or Google to do stuff for you. What that means is now with Vera app you can “CONTROL EVERYTHING”. But that’s not all, the magic is that you can now create scenes having all the triggers from the VeraMobile app, including the devices paired with your controller and perform actions on devices that are controlled by Alexa or Google.

Prerequisites :

  • Ezlo Atom or Ezlo PlugHub
  • VeraMobile app
  • Alexa or Google Home

We posted a detailed step-by-step guide for Ezlo VOI™ here.

New features for Vera controllers (Vera Edge, Vera Plus, Vera Secure):

  • Added support for VistaCame 702*

*VistaCam 702 will be soon available in our website.

Fixes for Ezlo Atom and Ezlo PlugHub controllers:

  • fixed meter values which were not shown in the parent device for Aeotec ZW078 device;
  • fixed color value that wasn’t saved in scenes if user set dimmer level for RGB bulbs;
  • fixed the preset state and value from devices which were not saved in action state in Scenes;
  • fixed the random spinner that was shown over devices for a few seconds;
  • fixed the issue where if user tried to create a scene RGB and with current value set as action , scene is saved with value 0 instead of current value;
  • fixed the issue with changing the color for RGB devices;
  • fixed a crash when adding pin code;
  • fixed app crash after user tried to unpair an non responsive smart switch device;
  • fixed app crash when user tried to access device control panel for a non working device
  • fixed app crash when user tried to create a new room from ADW name your device step
  • fixed an issue when a scene with preset values for RGB cannot be created;
  • fixed an issue when user was unable to login;
  • fixed the issue with the RGB color picker that was missing from scenes and device page;
  • fixed a Random app crash after user created a few schedule scenes;
  • fixed app crash when user tried to save a scene before spinner on add a room disappeared;
  • fixed app crash when user tried to save a scene with RGB bulb added as action;
  • fixed app crash when creating a scene with “Whenever dimmer reaches” % value;
  • fixed app crash when user tapped Validate button without selecting a trigger;
  • fixed the text added in Enter Command that overlapped the microphone icon;
  • fixed app random crash when user reopened the app from background on Send Command Page after disabling Microphone permission from settings.

Fixes for Vera Edge, Vera Plus, Vera Secure controllers:

  • fixed the Help content font which was too big comparing with the rest elements in the page;
  • fixed the issue with Saved restriction which weren’t displayed in page after restriction was saved;
  • fixed Control page which wasn’t updated with new restriction added or removed;
  • fixed an issue with the Plugin Version that wasn’t displayed correctly in app;
  • fixed the favorite devices which were not displayed in Dashboard page;
  • fixed the Endless spinner that was displayed random over devices on Devices page;
  • Fix Crashes from Crashlytics(Firebase)
  • fixed camera live view crash;
  • fixed an app crash when going to Device tab when there is a Siren paired with the controller.

Know issues:
If you upgrade from 7.40.344 to v. 7.40.354 a reinstall of the app is needed.

Please note the build is under Google review at the moment.



I just received 7.40.354 (Android).

The new dashboard is activated by default and it’s empty (no favourites nor items I already added on the new dashboard. In fact my previoux config of the new dashboard is gone)

Watt readings for thermostats (Qubino) is gone in the app. On the other hand several battery operated devices (Door sensors, motion sensors) now have kWh readings (expressed as “Kwh”?) exceeding the entire house.

Regarding the Qubino flush on/off thermostat, it is still not possible to control set-point and set the thermostat mode to “Heat” in the app (and web).

When switching between Vera controllers you still have to select the controller two times to be able to switch.

I also consider the icon coloring a bit confusing when compared to the web interface, for example the motion sensor looks like it has been tripped compared to the web interface, but I suppose one can live with this.

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Bit more on PowerMeter devices. The Kwh reading is displayed twice, once a line in in black and once again in gray line with the watts reading. Also negative Watts are not displayed (e.g. for Solar feeding back into the grid).

It is nice that some devices now also show volts and amps if reported. (I can use that :slight_smile: )

Cheers Rene

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Isn’t this a public release? This doesn’t have known issues either?
I’ve installed it already and has the exact same issues as the beta.
@Other users - just try to create or edit some scenes from the Android app.

Anyway - thank God for Imperihome.

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i reported this to them a week ago while it was in beta
the only solution then was to disjoin from the beta program and install the stable version
they never followed up even though they said they would
and now they have pushed it to stable

the only solution right now is to downgrade back to .344
which is no longer available from the play store
you can get the apk from apkmonk

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This version seems to be totally non-functional. New home screen is empty. Old home screen is empty (if you switch back in settings). Home screen doesn’t even finish loading. Device list is empty. Geofencing is broken. Haven’t found anything that works yet. Was it released by accident?


Still unable to add more than 6 items to the device section of dashboard. I reported this month’s ago on this forum, but no response from Vera/Ezlo Also app constantly crashes

Same here. Hope they fix it soon…

i would not count on it
considering they knew about it when it was in beta yet still pushed it to stable

Can confirm that latest beta version pushed out today never stops trying to populate Dashboard, which is otherwise empty, per this screenshot:

Seems a common issue. Ezlo please fix asap.

Seems to be fixed now. Having all showing their devices again.

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still not fixed, still only 6 devices and app crashes randomly. basically unuseable since december 2019

I do not experience any random crashes, but rather consistent ones. As soon as I scroll down the device list, the app crashes (Android 7, Asus tablet). Fortunately not updated on my regular phone.

I became reluctant to continue using the last beta release after it was shown to completely erase any Scene that I happened to edit. Glad I didn’t go too wild!

Once I have assurance it no longer poses similar (known, documented, overt) hazards, I shall gladly resume.

What gets me is the image this portrays. Reported in beta, but they still release it.


Not to pile on, but can confirm that current Vera Mobile app (7.40.354) does not improve either after doing Logout/Login, nor by switching back and forth from ‘New’ to ‘Old’ Dashboard UI. Indefinite green circle continues to spin, showing no Devices or Scenes, regardless of being connected to correct Vera controller.

Force-stopping the app and restarting did not improve things.

Force-stopping, clearing all cache/storage and re-logging in did not help.

Did you ever tried this app on a tablet in both portrait and landscape?

It is usable but all icons are Hughes making it looks stupid. Tablet are part of the Android devices and deserve to be better supported. It hurts saying this but the iOS app is alot better in almost every aspect.

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I have a little better experience when I set it to the old dashboard mode. I can not at least get to the devices and do not get the empty device page. But that may be different tomorrow, who knows.

Cheers Rene

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