Release notes Vera Mobile for Android v. 7.40.354

Now If i add devices i can only see 6, and when i return to page all devices have disappeared. I think you should sack the android app team. the crashing seems to have stopped


the crashes continue. this app is unuseable

From what I could figure out now is that this looks to be Plus specific. For my Edge and Lite the details populate as before, but on the plus you may see the devices, but not in their rooms.

@melih, imo this is much more urgent for the team to look at than problems with the pre-Aplha stuff.

Cheers Rene

no, not just the plus
i was the first to report it while it was in beta
it is affecting the secure

the issue was reported almost 2 weeks ago
yet they pushed it to stable
ignored the issue
and still continue to ignore the issue

I installed the beta and that is even worse, so they still seem to ignore it. It only works for the new alpha stuff. Too much focus on that rather then their installed base. Not good at all.
Ezlo, you need to sort this out asap. Top prio, drop everything else, test with multiple contollers. Make it work again!

the only solution right now is to downgrade back to .344
which is no longer available from the play store
you can get the apk from apkmonk

you will need to disable autoupdate in the playstore

Thanks charrettepa, did not know about this option. Back with a working setup again.

Cheers Rene

i have just received a private message from vera quoting only parts of my replies and ignoring the android app version or the fact that others have reported the exact same issue right here

they want to connect to my unit to investigate
something i have already let them do despite knowing the issue was the android app

i have now just manually downloaded and installed ALL previous versions of the android vera app
ALL of them work except the new .354 version

tell me how VERA you expect us to believe this is an issue on the unit

the issue is android app version .354
when i spoke to your support staff it was still under beta and they were trying to replicate using .344

then you still pushed the .354 to stable

i am on .344 and it IS working fix the issue in .354

I have similar experience, with one exception. The latest beta works on all my controllers except my Plus. I also have problems with Geofencing that is driven from the plus. They looked at the config and found that my UID was in the Geofence status ““Exit”” and it should be “Exit” or ““Exit”” according to them. It was indicated that this should fix both the app and Geofence issue, but I am not sure they truly made the change. So I’m going in my self.
So. Something changed in the App making it more sensitive the some of the data elements in the controller. Technically the app seems to work, but it sure can use some hardening as you cannot assume all data will arrive unharmed in an Internet environment.

Cheers Rene

So questions for the people having issues with the latest GA or Beta version of the app:

  1. is it specific to a Plus or do you have it with Edge or Lite as well?
  2. do you have geofences set in your App for the problematic controller?
  3. do you use geofences as triggers in scenes?
  4. does the web interface work (it should)

As FYI. Support also contacted me through PM, but it was not fixed by what they did. So I edited the user_data.json and ripped out all geofencing settings. Do not try this unless you know what you are doing!

Hopefully this helps them to diagnose this issue properly and provide a fix.

Cheers Rene


thanks for reaching out

  1. I have a vera secure
  2. I have geofences
  3. I have geofences as scenes for all four people in the home
  4. The web interface has always continued to work

are you saying that if i modify “user_data.json”
by removing geofence data
i will then be ok
can i re-add the geofences using the new app
or do i have to proceed without geofence data?

also where is the user_data.json found?

I think you are on to something as none of the geofences can be edited or deleted
it just spins endlessly saying “Saving”
is this why you deleted the data directly in the file?

Hi Charettepa,

It make sense the Secure suffers from the same issue as it runs much the same levels of packages as the Plus. However, as I only had a geofence on the Plus, it may happen using any controller.

To me the issues looks to be connected to (corruption of) the geofence data, but it is based on a sample of one (mine) that is why I posed the questions.
I moved my geofence handling to an Edge controller to see if that could suffer from the same issue.

Sorry, but I will not give detailed instructions as one character wrong will bring down your controller completely. You can ask support to remove the geofence data. I have shared my more detailed analysis with them last night.

I had the exact same issue not being able to make any changes to the Geofences. This happened before and I also had to remove them from the user_data.json manually to make it work again. Only then it did not impact the app communicating with the controller. With the latest versions it does seem to matter.

With more answers on these questions I hope the app development group can find the root cause for that quite serious issue.

Cheers Rene

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The source of loosing access with the App is data corruption caused by Geofencing enter and exit events. For some reason the app or one of Vera’s remote gateways (real cause still unknown) sends a quoted parameter value corrupting the user_data.json file (not fatal) and then the app cannot connect to the controller anymore. The new type dashboard will not show at all, and the devices view will not show the devices in the rooms.

If you have this there is a relatively simple fix, but you need to home work first.

  1. look in the vera log file for the SetGeoFence event. It will look like this. Notice the quoted “Enter” which is wrong.
08      03/25/20 17:55:59.172   JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest device: 0 service: urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HomeAutomationGateway1 action: SetGeoFence <0x73659520>
08      03/25/20 17:55:59.172   JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument device_id=4511xxxx <0x73659520>
08      03/25/20 17:55:59.173   JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument GeofenceId=2 <0x73659520>
08      03/25/20 17:55:59.173   JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument action=SetGeoFence <0x73659520>
08      03/25/20 17:55:59.174   JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument event="Enter" <0x73659520>
08      03/25/20 17:55:59.174   JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument serviceId=urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HomeAutomationGateway1 <0x73659520>
08      03/25/20 17:55:59.174   JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument userId=2121xxx <0x73659520>
  1. Write down the userId number, and GeofenceId

  2. Then run this bit of code in the Lua test window:

local function GeoFenceAction(uid, geo_id, action)
	local ap = luup.attr_get("PK_AccessPoint",0)
	local params = {
		["userId"] = uid,
		["event"] = action,
		["deviceId"] = ap,
		["GeofenceId"] = geo_id
	luup.call_action("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HomeAutomationGateway1", "SetGeoFence", params, 0)
local UserId = 12334455  -- Put your user Id here
local GeofenceId = 1  -- Put your GeofenceId here
local Action = "Enter"  -- Or "Exit" if that is the required status
GeoFenceAction(UserId, GeofenceId, Action)

This code will put a valid value in the user_data.json again and the app should be working again.

Cheers Rene


Thanks Rene, I’m trying to apply this fix. But I have no “SetGeoFence” event(s) anymore in my logging. Would you have a suggestion on how to necessary id’s in another way?

Hi Vinx,

Getting the values would require dissecting the user_data.json. Not impossible, search for “geo” and you will eventually find it. It may be simpler just to go out of your Geofence and come back. you should then have this in your log file.

Cheers Rene


Thanks again Rene! I opted for dissecting the user_data.json. And it worked!

For future reference, what I did:

  • log into Vera using putty and cd to /etc/cmh
  • pluto-lzo d user_data.json.lzo user_data.json
  • scp the file somewhere you can easily look into it (or I guess you could cp it to /etc/cmh-ludl/ and you wouldn’t even need the pluto-lzo)
  • the user id is: iduser
  • the GeoFenceId is the id within geotags (at least I think so, it was 1 for me)


Only one tip. Do not decompress the file in the /etc/cmh folder, do that to the /tmp folder:

pluto-lzo d user_data.json.lzo /tmp/user_data.json

Cheers Rene

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Mm what could happen if I did? I did experience some weird behavior today…

Sok what is up with v. 7.40.413? The new UI is now gone, I spent a great deal of time getting it all set and looking the way I wanted it. Now it’s gone, WTF?

Read release notes when you sign in to Beta.
So per release notes - it was temporary removed in 7.40.412 and today enabled again in 7.40.415. Mine is back with all settings.

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