Release Notes - VeraMobile for Android v. v.7.40.455 - hot fix

We’ve submitted today a hot fix for VeraMobile for Android v.7.40.455 in Google store with the following:

  • Remove the message from the dashboard that was saying camera is upgrading.
  • Remove the “No internet connection” red banner
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Ha ha, literally the first and only screen I got after installing .454 (with Edge .24) and opening it:

Luckily, things improved after leaving (not Force Closing) the app and reopening it, when I was able to choose a controller.
But then the red banner made its appearance almost immediately and wouldn’t stop popping up…

App unusable once again. The only way to tap the menu, for instance, is with lightning fast reflexes whenever the red banner goes away momentarily.
Doing so, I eventually navigated to Devices, only to discover that my Alexa device is no longer listed, so I cannot test that either:

Hi @LibraSun. Could you please share your phone model and Android version?

Android 10 (Build QQ2A.200501.001.B2) on a stock Pixel 4.

Hi @LibraSun. Are you sure you have a reliable internet connection? As of version .455, that banner appears only when the phone has issues with a network connection(wi-fi/mobile data). Also that banner is just informal, it doesn’t block the devices from loading, and as we see from your screenshot, the devices list is empty,meaning that there could be a connection issue.

I am 100% confident that I have no internet connectivity issues. My phone is connected to a 300 megabit per second persistent fiber internet connection using Google Wi-Fi routers.

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Hi @oleg.macovei,

When connected to an Edge running the Linux software i also get an empty devices list fairly often. This has been the case form the start. i also have an other issue that seems to be specific if you have both Vera and Ezlo hubs on the same user id. I am going to split those, I.i. make a second account user just for the Ezlo hubs and see if that improves things.

Cheers Rene

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It seems the “waiting to connect” delay has also returned? Clicking the app icon resulted in this “spinner” screen appearing for 30 seconds:

I will continue testing under various conditions to look for a pattern.

Hi @LibraSun. Does this happen on Wi-Fi connection, or it is related for Mobile Data only? There are several network requests happening in splash screen, that’s why on Mobile Data it could take longer to make them.

Hi @reneboer. Thanks for checking, regarding empty devices bug it is already reported.

In the next release we will improve network detection mechanism, hopefully it will fix the “No internet” bar.

@oleg.macovei, thanks for asking. The ‘red banner’ issue seems to have subsided, as I cannot recreate the problem today. Neither when connected via WiFi nor mobile data. Hopefully it was a one-off, but definitely lasted the entire (first) day!

Hi @oleg.macovei,

I eliminated the account and a possible mix of controllers on a user id as source for the empty devices list. It happens when the phone/tablet screen saver kicks in and if you unlock the screen. If I then change the view to type and back to rooms the devices appear again.

Cheers Rene

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Thanks @reneboer. I passed this scenario to our QA team.

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