Release Notes - VeraMobile for iOS v. 3.43(1)

We’re glad to submit a new release VeraMobile for iOS v. 3.43(1) with the following fixes:

  • Fix a display issue when no accounts were linked to Ezlo VOI™
  • Fix the text from the blue bar from “Disconnected” to “controller is busy updating data”.
  • Fix an issue when a dimmer was used in scenes as a trigger and user defined different values for on/off state and were reseted to the default values
  • Fix a display issue for “Terms & Conditions” and “My Privacy Rights” when the user tapped on the right edge of the screen
  • Fix a display issue when user puts the app in landscape view and is prompted to add the PIN code for S2 device during inclusion process.
  • Fix a display issue when the Settings from Geofencing was tapped the bubble had the tile pointing to the location gear instead of the Settings gear.
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