Remotic ZRC90 Button use-case like a pulse-switch

Ahh, that’s probably the reason 1.7.4453=7.29. I will not advice you to upgrade if it is critical to you altough the recent upgrades (7.31) are a bit snappier but some people have had problems during the upgrade.


**** EDIT : Ignore this cry for help, it seems after “some time” these variables appeared out of nowhere ;-)**

Hmm, today I tried to integrate a second ZRC-90, as I’m quite happy with this unit.
Integration went smooth, created 1 new reactor-sensor to drive it, BUT I’m seeing the same weirdness that I saw with my first ZRC-90 but that got resolved “automagically”.

Basically : When selecting “Device Action” , now on this new Reactor-sensor there are no field “slCentralScene” field is not populated, and therefore not selectable.

I’ve tried the basics : restart browser, stop-start this newly created sensor. I did not go as far as reboot the Vera…

Under “Tools” I tried “Update Device Info” and “Submit Device Data” but no changes.
When selecting “Device Spy” on this newly installed ZRC-90 I get indeed the parameters when I press 1 button.

Watching #6515 ZRC90-2-Zolder; waiting for changes in device states…
urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneController1 / sl_CentralScene = “1”
urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HaDevice1 / BatteryDate = “1606144955”

What could I do else ?

Not quite magic. The variables probably are not created by Luup until they are used/set. Reactor only shows variables that exist on the device at the time you are editing the condition. So it’s likely you need to press a button or two on the remote first, to make sure the necessary variables are set/created, and then Reactor will list them when you go to create a condition. You may also need to hard-refresh your browser (which is not the same as closing it and re-opening it).

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You should be fine with the latest firmware for Vera Plus. I have it and Visonic plugin works ok (I’ve disabled auto update for the plugin to be on the safe side).

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Thanks for that input. The scary thing is that if I browse through my “installed apps” the Visonic app.plugin is not even there in the list of installed applications…I probably installed it manually or something by just uploading the various files.

At least now I have a rather stable system, only some LUUP-reloads from time to time but everything seems to work.

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