Renamed scenes and devices new names not updated in "Manage Google Home"


Any news on this issue ?

I just renamed a scene in Vera, however when going in to the “Manage Google Home” on your web portal:

The scene in question still displays the old name and doesn’t get updated with the new name.

I have to actually delete the scene from Vera and create it again with the new desired name.

I believe its the same for devices as well.


Hi cw-kid,

Thank you for reporting this, we have investigating and only the scenes are affected. We’ve added this in the backlog to be fixed.
I’ll get back with updates when it gets fixed.


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Hi Ioana

Many thanks !

You might want to check the “Manage Alexa” one as well, as I seem to recall that had the same problem also when renaming scenes.



Yes, I am seeing the same for Alexa. I replaced a power plug, but could not move the name from the old to the new. I had to pick a different name. However, after a week I removed the old name from the Alexa app list of devices and then it seems to work.

So it looks that a changes is a two/three step thing, just like adding one.

Cheers Rene

I just renamed two devices in Vera, those new device names immediately were showing / updated in the Manage Google Home cloud GUI page.

So it just seems its Scenes that do not update and also get renamed in the Manage Google Home page.


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