Replace MyQ with z-wave Garage Opener - Uses for MyQ?

Hi All,

I considered getting rid of MyQ for my garage door opener and replacing with z-wave control. While I haven’t looked into the z-wave devices yet, does anyone have an idea what they would do with the MyQ unit?

I don’t like throwing out equipment that still works but MyQ with IFTTT and any other fun options requires you to pay for a subscription as many of you know and I refuse to do that.

One of the actual main reasons for switching is that depending on how new the battery is in the tilt sensor will determine if you get a notification if the temperature drops somewhere below 45F. Fresh battery seems to be ok but in my opinion that’s not good enough.

What do you think?


I don’t really have any suggestions, but the price of MyQ has dropped on Amazon to $40 so I came here looking to see if the deveice can be integrated into the Vera platform. I know there is a MyQ gateway plugin, but wasn’t sure how that worked anymore.

Does MyQ integrate with Vera via a plugin? I am thinking of getting it, but I want to make sure the integration works first.

Thanks. Development of the plugin stopped a while back. Myq had been know to change the API whenever they wanted breaking the connection many times but presently it works and I use it. I would not rely on this for any length of time though. It’s unknown when myq will change things again.