Replacement for Tuya/Smartlife

This App will allow you to use IFTTT with Tuya wifi devices.

You will need to repair your devices with The App
I would put their website, but against forum rules.

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Looks like Paul Hibbert has done a video about it also

All of my Tuya / Smart Life devices cohabitate with Alexa, and once I start using ezlo VOI™ full-time, that’s how I plan to access them from my home controller.

That’s probably what I’d do as well. No need for IFTTT or node-red then.

IFTTT, sorry to say, is increasingly “dead to me” (mostly because they’ve made applets so dang hard to create/edit/maintain, and essentially absented themselves from Web browser access). Love the sound of Node-RED, but it’s an open door I refuse to walk through (ditto OpenLuup, Z-Way, AltUI, etc.) solely based on (my own, self-imposed, spartan) principles.

So I’m pulling for VOI to enter the Vera arena as fast as it can!

I have rarely used IFTTT tried to avoid it as much as possible. Although 99% of my devices are Z-Wave so that helped.

I kinda feel the same way as you, with regards to OpenLuup, AltUI etc.

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