Request For Comment

I’ve been a Vera user for a while Vera lite now a Vera plus and like a lot of other user I’ve been patiently waiting for more and better integrations into some of the devices I have. Also when shopping for a new device making sure it works with Vera limits my choices to nothing or next to nothing. So I’ve decided to move on to another smart hub. Right now I have a raspberry pi kit on it’s way to me and the plan is to keep the vera plus as a Z-wave interface. Since I’m a fan of open source development I plan on using either Home Assistant or OpenHAB. Here are the current devices I want to integrate into this setup
z-wave dimmers, switches and sensors “thru Vera”
Lutron Cassita Dimmers and Pico Remotes “Thru Lutron Pro Hub”
Amazon Echo
2 Harmony Hubs
Sonoff wifi switches flashed with ESPeasy firmware
Roomba 960 vacuum

I want to add a door bell camera, and hose end water valve either melnor or orbit.

I don’t really code but can read and pretty much figure out the syntax and what does what.
But I would prefer a gui interface.

So opinions what would be a better choice Home Assistant or OpenHab


I have integrated most of what you have… except for the sonoff which I had and practically eliminated due to excessive EM emission for some of the models I tested and replaced with zwave.
I use Home assistant and have been very happy with it. The amazon echo is done locally through the habridge. Lutron through Home assistant. Harmony is done through @reneboer ’ plugin on the vera. The roomba through home assistant. I also have xiaomi wifi devices. The doorbell camera, I have integrated locally with the RCA HSDB2 and… homeassistant which does motion and facial recognition on it and recording on my local NAS.

Openhab, I have looked at and seems very equivalent but appeared a bit more complex to get into and setup.

Thanks for the reply
at first I was leaning towards openhab ruinning it on windows to try. But after watching a few video tutorials home assistant is starting to look better

How is the rules engine gui would it compare to the reactor plugin??