RF 433Mhz Compatibility Alternative (RFLink)

We do need creating a RFLink plugin
For those who have never heard about, there is a gateway called RFLink which is an alterative as good as or better than the RFXTRX.
and best of all, there is a complete tutorial for DIY, rather than the need to import from the UK.

just take a look on compatibility:

when asked about compatibility with Vera, they answered:
“Should not be hard… but so far noone asked for it or implemented the vera side of it…”

So, here I am… ;D


I can only agree, would love a RFLink plugin, only thing that makes me wait to jump on the Vera train.

Yes, me too!

One of the RFlink users has made a plugin for Vera that should be available soon!

Hi Stuntteam,

That is great! I know RFlink supports more than 433 mhz devices (868 mhtz, Miliight). Does this Vera plugin support these also ?

What else needs to be added besides the plugin (when its done) to work with Vera?

RFlink gateway. It’s much cheaper than RFXcom. I have no experience with it, I use RFXcom for several years and it works, but the plugin is not updtated anymore, it’s not even official… Link: https://www.nodo-shop.nl/en/rflink-gateway/159-rflink-arduino-dipool.html

It does include all 433 and 868mhz devices (providing you have the rf receiver/transceivers for it) milight, RFLink’s miniGPIO etc…

Doesn’t seem to be able to ship to US from that site…

So I actually bought a VeraPlus. But still doesn’t seem like RFlink is supported… i would gladly pay $10 for a working plugin… :slight_smile:

Hope I am not breaking any rules at this forum by saying this. :slight_smile:

Would also be very interested in this

I use Homeassistant running hassio on a PI3 with the built in bluetooth, a Z-Wave stick, RFLink & RFXtrx433E

I have just purchased a VeraPlus to create a central “control” hub that I can locate in the middle of my house as it is a big old house with thick walls, so needs to be centrally located but as I have no LAN and limited space above the hall cupboard the VeraPlus is an ideal device

The RFXtrx433E runs my LightwaveRF lights, switches etc and my roller blinds however it will not work for my Projector Screen so use an RFLink to operate this

The RFXtrx433E is working perfect, but a RFLink plugin would be great as this would solve either one or two issue - Allow me to control my projector screen seperatley or completely remove the RFXtrx433E and only use the RFLink

Hope RFLink plugin will come, as RFXCom doesn’t provide support anymore for my old RFXlan… :-*

G’day everyone.

Sorry to be bumping quite an old thread! Does anyone know if a plugin for this was ever shared? One of the posts states that someone had created one a couple years ago. I reckon it would be a very useful addition to Vera.

I guess the answer is no :sunglasses: