Rfxtrx lua startup failure [SOLVED] - or don't unplug your RFXtrx and restart Vera!

Hi folks

I had this error earlier today. My RFXtrx has been working flawlessly for about a year. The issue occurred when I moved my VeraSecure. I restarted the Vera then, realising I hadn’t plugged the RFXtrx into the USB, I plugged it in. In short, I think the issue was that I restarted the Vera without the RFXtrx plugged in.

I received the error “RFXtrx lua startup failure” and lost contact with all my LightwaveRF switches.

After lots of bumbling around, I found the issue. It had forgotten the serial port settings. When I looked at it, most of the fields were blank.

Plug the RFXtrx into the USB port.
On the menu: Apps > Develop Apps > Serial Port Configuration

There you should see the following or similar:
Name: ftdi_sio (I assume this is provided by the system)
Device number: usb-xhci-hcd-1 (I assume this is provided by the system)
IP Address:
Port: 3841 (I assume this is provided by the system)
Baud: 38400
Parity: none
Data bits: 8
Stop bits: 1
Used by device: RFXtrx controller (Select from drop down)

Hit Save.

Reboot your Vera: Settings > Net & WiFi > Reboot.

Also check out this post on Vesternet which has a seciton on setting up the serial port.

Hope this helps someone.

Cheers, Rob.

Yes, that is correct. If the hub restarts without all of the previously connected serial devices attached, those settings/attachments will be lost. But it’s quite easy to re-establish them.