RGB Recessed Lights

Hey everyone!

Has anyone purchase the newish RGB recessed lights and integrated them with Vera?

I think most of them come with an IR remote so I may have to go with MySensors or other crafty way of blasting IR.


What LED recessed lights?

What use IR?

Use a Fibaro RGB module or use a Philips Hue compatible Zigbee LED controller / balast like the Dresden FLS-PP or cheaper alternative.

I do use Fibaro for RGB strips.

I’m thinking more of the “can” lights like below. Most are controlled via Bluetooth and/or Wifi.

Personally I would go for Zigbee ones and connect them to a Philips Hue bridge and use the Alt Hue plugin on Vera to control them.

More here a bit cheaper that will work with a Hue Bridge and the Alt Hue plugin for Vera.

Don’t think I have ever seen Z-Wave RGB recessed down lights.

Personally I don’t like coloured bulbs in ceilings anyway but each to their own. I only have RGBW LED strips hidden for “Mood Lights” and a couple of Hue RGBW bulbs in my lounge side lamps. All the ceilings just have normal white bulbs and Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules behind the light switches.

Assume your in the states as you linked to Amazon .com looks like Go Control have a white Z-Wave recessed unit no RGB though.


I agree with RGB in the ceilings. She likes to use a low-level red light at night so I was playing with ideas to support that vs. just dimming a white light to a low level. Hiding RGBW strips is an option as well!

Thanks for these suggestions. I didn’t think of the Alt Hue path!

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There is also the shelly rgb controller, Easy to integrate with the virtual http switch plugin


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