Running a sceen only if its between sunset and sunrise

I have many scenes that control lights and I only want the scenes to run if its dark. What would be the simplest way to do this?

Thank you,

the reactor plugin would be the best answer for this situation

Are these scenes triggered by the time of day, or by an external event? If they are triggered by an external event and you want the trigger to only activate during specific times, in the Scene editor select the clock icon to set time restrictions on when the trigger is allowed to fire the scene.

Or the night and day plug in, set them to run only when the house goes into Night mode.

Three options right there :slight_smile:


I have several scenes that work that way. All you need to do is have this in Lua code for the scene:
return luup.is_night()

Thanks Tinman,

This sees to be the simplest way.

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