Samsung Smart Home Plugin

I have been trying to get this plugin working, I know it’s a beta but i can’t find any information on how to install/use the thing.

i just says can’t find device. I have a samsung account. not sure what’s wrong. if someone knows please shoot me a line


Hi kdschlosser,

You will need to install the plugin and then go to “Configure” tab in advance settings and add your Samsung account credentials. Click on “Save Credentials” button and this should be all. Plugin will get the list of appliances fro your account and will create the corresponding devices.

If you have any issues, just send me an email with tech support codes.

All the Best,

  • Andrei -

Hi Andrei,

I installed Samsung beta app and have successfully authenticated at “Configure” tab. But I still don’t see the Samsung refrigerator. In my Samsung Account, I have totally 4 devices (1 Refrigerator, 2 Phones & 1 TV). Can you please help me here? Thanks.

Hi sivaprasath,

The plugin is compatible with Samsung Smart Appliances launched a few months ago in US.
I don’t know if your device is compatible so I suggest to download the “Samsung Smart Home” mobile apps for you Android or iOS phone(with the same icon as the plugin) and see if your refrigerator is displayed there.

All the Best,

  • Andrei -

Hi Andrei,

Yes, the Samsung Smart Home Android App is showing my Refrigerator properly and I can access it via my Mobile phone.

FYI, My Refrigerator Model Number: RF28HMELBSR/AA

Hi sivaprasath,

I will need to access your unit and see what is going on. Please enable tech support and send me an email with it. I will also need you credentials for your Samsung account, please change you pass before sending it to me.

All the Best,

  • Andrei -

I just updated the details to you via Email. Please let me know once you have root caused the problem. Thanks.

Hi sivaprasath,

It seems that there is no device paired with your Samsung account, when plugin requests the device list, the result is empty:


I cannot tell you why is this happening but the best thing is to contact Samsung support and ask for details. You can mention that plugin was able to login with your credentials and is using the official API.

I will try to contact some guys from Samsung too and see if they can help.

All the Best,

  • Andrei -

Hi Andrei,

Thanks for taking initiative on my issue. Would it be possible, this is related to having multiple devices registered in my Samsung Account?

I don’t think is related to having multiple devices, it may be a compatibility issue, can you send me the model number of your refrigerator device?

My Refrigerator model is RF28HMELBSR/AA.

I don’t see this issue, when I am using the Smart Home app in iOS & Android. In both of these devices… I can successfully see my refrigerator.

Here is the response I got from Samsung :

If you are talking about the US market, AW3-14 model (which came to the market in 2014) is not compatible for some reason. All other products are able to talk to MiOS platform.

So there may be a reason, but I don’t know details.

I forward your MN and I’m waiting for feedback.

  • Andrei -

This refrigerator is just 4 months old and this is the 2015 - 2016 model for sure.

Hi sivaprasath,

This is the answer I got from Samsung lead that handles the appliance integration :

Yes that is the model that I referred to. Sorry for the confusion but it is not compatible.
"My Refrigerator model is RF28HMELBSR/AA"
If you are talking about the US market, AW3-14 model (which came to the market in 2014) is not compatible for some reason. All other products are able to talk to MiOS platform.

If can double check this with Samsung support. I want to help but that is all I can do for you.

All the Best,

  • Andrei -

Thanks Andrei for all your help.

Hi sivaprasath,

You’re welcome. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more for you.

All the Best,

  • Andrei -

I know it has been a while. i have not had the chance to test this out until now…

but i finally managed to get my washer and dryer to pair with samsung smart home. and it work properly through the app for my phone…

I am not sure how this plugin adds the devices. I am guess it is automatic since there is no such option to do so. I get no errors that i am aware of from the plugin when i enter my username and password. i am guessing for some reason it is unable to locate my devices or as the other person found out that the smart home plugin doesn’t support the smart home device.

but I have the 1st generation 8" LCD touch screen washer and dryer, washer model number is 6002b4183cd0 and the dryer is 6002b404f37b

i wouldn’t be shocked if they aren’t supported, Samsung own washer dryer app doesn’t even run on their devices. and this rendered this feature useless to me for a long time. and they lack of documentation and any indicators when connecting caused all sorts of issues. they should state put your device down and come back in 10 minutes and it might be done adding the device… and the washer and dryer would state that it connected properly and the app would sit there for another 5 minutes not showing or doing anything. leading you to believe the app locked up. and there is no support on this process at all. and forget calling them. may as well go and talk to a tree

I know it has been a long while since anyone posted anything in here.

I am not sure if the previous person that was helping out in here still works for MIOS, I was unable to locate that persons e-mail address through this forum Nor are they listed in the company directory. I do not know who is maintaining this from here.

Vera 3
UI7 7.0.23 (1.7.98)
Samsung Samsung Touch Screen LCD Front-Load Washer WF457ARGSGR/A2
Samsung Samsung Touch Screen LCD Dryer DV457EVGSGR/A1 & AA

The Samsung devices are as listed in the add devices panel of the Vera UI. I am not sure if this is by chance or if it is data that has been acquired but those are the exact model numbers of the machines I own.

But this is what is happening. I add the devices. it does it’s whole thing with the login and installing the plugin… then nothing. I get no device to be able to control it. a dummy devices shows up in the plugins section. And I get no errors. The Samsung Smart Home plugin does not get installed. just the dummy devices. I have installed the plugin manually and then added the devices. upon doing that it tells me that a duplicate of the plugin is going to be installed. but then it doesn’t install a second one.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. If I could get some assistance that would be appreciated.



We updated the Samsung Smart Home (BETA) plugin to version 0.73.

No need for dummy devices.

You can uninstall all Samsung related plugins, and install only the main Samsung Smart Home (BETA) plugin. It should automatically install every device present in your samsung cloud.

You can contact me in regards to this plugin, and i will further assist you.

I am running on version 0.73 of the plugin.

Here is exactly what I am doing.

I have remove the plugin.

I am clicking on the Devices tab in the left nav bar.
Then I click on add device and a list of available device categories is displayed.
I expand the Appliance category.
I select one of the 2 above mentioned devices. which are displayed in the list with my specific model numbers.
A page appears explaining that I need to have the appliance connected to the Samsung Smart Home App. (which it is).
I then click on the install button.
After a small wait it prompts me for my username and password.
After entering the username and password the Samsung Smart Appliance plugin has been installed.

After that I am not sure what I need to do next. There is no dryer device to be found.

I have done the same steps for my washing machine as well with the same results.

Please advise.


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