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ok cool. I didn’t know if this had stalled for some reason. me calling samsung would get no where as the people at their call center really have no idea about anything. that is even if i get someone on the line that at best speaks 3 words of english.

when i first got these units their own application for them wouldn’t even run on their own tablet. so as you can see I have never really even got to use this feature of these machine. and this one feature is the reason why i purchased them.

Ive been toying around with my vacuum cleaner and the Smarthome plugin/cloud has managed to find it, however the Smarthome plugin has got a “cant detect device” error flag - any ideas?

Also, do these not show up in the scene editor??? I cant seem to find mine.


hi, i can’t seem to get vera to add any devices that my samsung account has in it. I have a washer and dryer added that I can see on my iPhone app… am I doing something wrong with the plugin?



hi, i can’t seem to get vera to add any devices that my samsung account has in it. I have a washer and dryer added that I can see on my iPhone app… am I doing something wrong with the plugin? i added the beta plugin, went into configure and added my credentials, then nothing happens. I can’t find any other devices anywhere… no dryer no washer.



I believe that Samsung is going through some pretty sizeable API changes. and these changes are causing lost of issues. And with how Samsung is with their API i wouldn’t hold your breath on being able to connect your device to the Vera.

Anyone having any success with Logging In. My user name and password are correct and sticking in the device parameters section but in the UPNP logs it’s showing as not logging into Samsung? Any ideas of why and how to fix/troubleshoot.

Just got my fridge and came along to this post. I have the 0.77 plugin installed and there are no devices showing up. Both the smarthings app and family hub apps work fine and the device is connected.

I’m curious as to what the device would show on the interface anyhow. It’s odd that I can’t see the internal temperature of the fridge, only the temperature setting. Kind of dumb unless it is hidden somewhere. Would be nice to know what’s going on. It finally updated in the Fridge Manager.

@Sorin - should this thread be under the Connected Objects main thread?

Hello. I have this plugin with my air conditioners (AC), but I can’t get Heat. The four options that come up for me are: Auto Dry Cool and Fan. If you go to the Smartthings app and get heat, in the Vera app it appears that it is in Heat, but after switching, I have no way to re-heat in the Vera app. Someone can help me?

Can anyone answer this problem?

update the plugin please

Not that it really matters much because the automations for my PowerBot Vacuum is handled quite nicely with the Smartthings app on my phone but is this app hopelessly broken and never to be updated? I’m on 0.77 and have been on that version for quite some time now but it now longer sees my PowerBot. Although it works via it’s own app integration into Vera will allow me to use Reactor to schedule it for only when the house is in Away Mode.

I’ve come to realize that this has somehow changed to be for Samsung Appliances only, such as Washers, Dryers and Refrigerators. Any chance of having it work again for Robot Vacuums?

I tried the Samsung Appliances / Samsung Home App on my phone and it is asking for a password to log into the WiFi broadcast by the vacuum to complete set up. I know I had this working a year or so ago but not now. Is this dead? I think I’m talking to myself and am getting lonely in here.

I’d expect that yes, it is dead.


As far as I remember, Samsung killed the API access on this one. Can’t find the “news” now.

since two weeks ago, it doesn’t work with my air conditioners … can anyone help with this plugin?

Samsung Appliances : Error occured when performing desired action!

I had 2 air conditioning units working for years… now nothing. I wish to know if the developer of this API still working on it or not… and why Vera doesn’t look at it since we’re many users of this App…

exactly like me

This plugin is important. it doesn’t make sense to have air conditioning with wifi and not be able to add it to my vera system. I have 46 devices and sensors in vera and I can’t add one of the main brands of air conditioners that already has wireless. I wanted a home automation system that could work with air conditioning. so i bought samsung because of the plugin and now nobody wants to know

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