Scene based on device being on for a time period

I created a scene for my garage door to close after 20 mins of being open. For triggers, I selected “whenever my garage door is open” and then a second trigger “schedule interval of 20 mins”. Then I selected “Only if both triggers are tripped at the same time”. What is actually happening is my garage door closes a minute or two after it was opened. What I would like it to do is close after it has been left in the open state for 20 minutes. Any ideas what I have messed up? Thanks for your help!

You can do this in PLEG, not sure about Reactor (I’m sure you could but haven’t looked into it), I doubt you can do this in Vera Scenes.
In PLEG you would start a 20 min timer based on when the door was opened, after 20 min’s and the door is still open have a Action to close the door.

Hello, I’ve done this in reactor for hallway lights and washroom lights.You can do it in normal scene control too. You can say for example (Trigger Garage Open, Delay 20 min, Close Door). But I find it much easier to do in Reactor.

Yup. Device state condition + “sustained for” option with the time period. Done.

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