Scene controller replication to existing primary/secondary

Hello. I have a Vera primary and secondary setup. For devices in the external building I add them on the secondary which replicate to the primary and I do all of the interaction with control/scenes/apps all on the primary which has access to all of the devices. This has worked seamless for years.

Recently I added a scene controller which will reside in the external building and is added via secondary Vera controller. It is not replicating to the primary. Do scene controllers not replicate? If so what is the best way to keep close to what I have done for years which is control everything from primary which has access to all devices and I can keep scenes neatly in one place?

I want the scene controller to reside in the the building with the secondary but have access to all devices and apps on both primary and secondary. Typically this isnt an issue since my devices have always replicated to the primary. Is this device replication something to troubleshoot or is this just the nature of scene controllers? If so, any recommendation that will allow me to have access to devices on the primary while the scene controller resides only in zwave range of the secondary?


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