Scene Controller, use Reactor for actions on buttons

I have a Scene Controller (Remotec ZRC-90) which normally is working with creating Vera scenes and select that scenes for the buttons.

I already tried to use Reactor, but that is not 100% working like I want too.

It seems the 8 buttons just sents numbers to Vera, so button 1 pressed once is a 1, pressed twice is 2, and this goes on to 32.

When I push button 1 once, this becomes True and the action is triggered, but stays true for ever of until you press an other button. I think after the presses, it should become false.

How can this be done best with Reactor?

Add another line “Status” “updates”

Wrong variable. Use sl_CentralScene updates


You mean this?

Works for me. The group goes back to false directly, you don’t see the change in the UI because its too slow

Indeed, that is happening here too.

If you want a delay then add it in the “delay reset” under the arrow down

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