Scene Scheduling

I have motion sensors that set off an alarm and I want this only to happen during night time hours. It can be referenced to sunset or a time schedule. The problem I’m having is that I set the time to start and stop the scene as a trigger and the alarm goes off. How do I set the scene to active without the alarm going off?

easier to use reactor or pledge for multi input scenes

I don’t know what this means.

Is there some way to activate a motion trigger scene on a schedule?

It can also be done using some Lua code. But it needs you to be able to do some programming…
vera scene
step 1) trigger:
(in words) specify the sensor being triggered
step 2) actions
(in words) specify turning alarm on
step 3) finish, also execute lua code
(in words) if not night time, do NOT execute action

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Reactor is a app to handle condition logic. It is available under apps. There is also PLEG. I recommend Reactor.


Ohhhh Reactor.
Two lines of conditions ((sunset + till sunrise +) + (motion activates)) and one activity running the scene.
Easy enough.

Thank you

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Is it possible to make a scene only run with a Reactor for time constraints?

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