Scene with Danfoss RS-Z-wave to trigger a certain device (trigger based on variable vs other variable)

I’m new on Z-wave issues.
Would like to ask how to setup a Scene with the following data:
if CurrentTemperature goes below the CurrentSetpoint Heat then
trigger a certain device to go On.

On regular scene editore I can only select to compare the current temperatue with a certain degree not with an another variable.

Might be a very easy issue but I don’t know how to do it.

Thank you.

I have solved it using the Reactor plugin. But i have problems with the Danfoss RS-ZWave thermostat.
The default wakeup time is 60 minutes. Seems that I’m not able to set up shorter wakeup time, even though I set it up for 600seconds for exaple, the controller (Vera Secure) is not able to send any updated data to it. It is still saying waiting for wakeup to confifure device…

Any advice how can I solve the wakeup issue?
Thank you.

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