Scheduled scene question / virtual switch

Good day,
I do have scheduled scenes to control my pool system that works great but since summer is gone and all my pool equipment shutdown, I was wondering if there was any way I could modify my scenes in order to get them disabled based on the status of a virtual switch I’ve added ?

So basically, I’m trying to figure how I could have scheduled scenes that work based on schedule AND switch status…

Sorry for my ignorance, I’m sure this is pretty easy to do but I could’nt figure it out . . .

Any help appreciated !

May I suggest @rigpapa’s Reactor plug-in, the Swiss Army knife of Vera?

Documentation here:


A must have to fully do home automation!

I still have PLEG installed but couldn’t figure how to achieve my goal with it…

Each individual scene already has its own enable/disable switch built-in. It’s the ‘power button’ on the left hand side of the scene name on the scenes page.

For this type of use case – twice per year – it’s no real issue to set this manually.

There is a way that it can be done programatically, but that seems overkill.

As @akbooer says, they can be disabled mahully. But I thought that the purpose of home automation was overkill? :grinning:


Damn it !!! I had a Vera for the last 5 years and never realized that big green power button ! thanks !
Still it would be nice to see how to do it… I might take a chance with the pleg community…


I think I knew this once, but totally forgot!


You could do this with the built in scene creation from the app (at least the iOS app) with a simple AND for the virtual switch. But as already mentioned, flipping a switch or a scene is both the same amount of interaction. The benefit of a switch is if there are several scenes that should be inactivated there’s only one click to disabke them all.

Thats the thing… I have 4 scenes that all have 5-6 times triggers. Thats why I would like to link these 4 scenes with that virtual switch… can’t find how to do the AND statement… In the web interface, I can add a “device trigger” for each scene but in the end doing so make the switch acting as a OR statement for the scene triggers . . .

Unfortunately it’s not possible from the webui, only in the app, and in my experience you have to recreate the scenes from the app.

I have a couple scenes still puttering around that make use of a virtual switch in the manner you speak.

local dID = 147           -- Device ID of your VirtualSwitch
local allow = true       -- true runs scene if switch is on, false blocks it
local status = luup.variable_get("urn:upnp-org:serviceId:VSwitch1","Status",dID)
return ((status == "1") == allow) 

I add that to my Luup pane. You’ll just need a scene to change the toggle of that switch for your “season.” Basically, a scene to turn the switch on at XX date and off at YY date. The code above will allow your in season scenes to run when the switch is “on” and disallow them when your switch is “off.”

This method will allow you to just tweak your current scenes. I do recommend eventually converting to Reactor but this will def hold you as long as you want.

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