Schlage BE469ZP

Anyone get the new zwave plus schlage lock to work with vera? I can include the device and see when its locked or unlock and a code entered. When I try to add a pin code using the vera it responds with cant detect device.

I have one of these locks and it will not set new lock codes from Vera. It goes through the process and confirms it set the new codes but when using codes the lock will not open. I had to use Schlage instructions to manually include more codes. Unlock and lock functions do remotely work from the Vera app.

I think the Vera detect it as the first version BE469 instead of BE469ZP. I have to add the codes directly on the door else it’s not working. At least lock / unlock is still working.

If it detects it as the older version, might be meaning it’s not using zwave plus with S2, but only zwave. If it’s the case it might not be using the 128 bits encryption. I hope I’m wrong, after all it’s controlling access to my home.

I have the same problem. Bought two Schlages to upgrade from very old locks and now find I can’t use them.
Vera - please fix this!

Currently have 7 of the plain wave version working good, need to add two of the new one’s as well, really need this asap.