Schlage BE469ZP

Anyone get the new zwave plus schlage lock to work with vera? I can include the device and see when its locked or unlock and a code entered. When I try to add a pin code using the vera it responds with cant detect device.

I have one of these locks and it will not set new lock codes from Vera. It goes through the process and confirms it set the new codes but when using codes the lock will not open. I had to use Schlage instructions to manually include more codes. Unlock and lock functions do remotely work from the Vera app.

I think the Vera detect it as the first version BE469 instead of BE469ZP. I have to add the codes directly on the door else it’s not working. At least lock / unlock is still working.

If it detects it as the older version, might be meaning it’s not using zwave plus with S2, but only zwave. If it’s the case it might not be using the 128 bits encryption. I hope I’m wrong, after all it’s controlling access to my home.

I have the same problem. Bought two Schlages to upgrade from very old locks and now find I can’t use them.
Vera - please fix this!

Currently have 7 of the plain wave version working good, need to add two of the new one’s as well, really need this asap.

I have the same problem as Sic789. Can lock and unlock, and even delete codes, but I cannot add them. Any help would be awesome!

Same problem here as well… What’s interesting is that I have [attempted] to program a few codes, for example dog-walker was programmed, but later did not sync. Manually adding the code to the lock, the name comes up in VeraPlus as ‘dog-walker’. Lock/unlock function, but nothing else related to Pins. Device manu is: IR Sec. & Safety and uses D_DoorLock1.xml which I’m sure is too old for the newer locks.

Is this something that needs an official support ticket to Vera to get fixed. Seems like small issues like this on the forums just go unaddressed for months if they ever get addressed at all.

This particular models (BE468ZP, BE469ZP) will work on 7.30 (to add/remove pin codes and daily scheduler).

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BE469ZP doesn’t work on the latest firmware 1.7.4453 for the Vera Plus. I confirmed this with Vera support in May:

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Bug related to added a pin code for this models (BE468ZP, BE469ZP) was fixed in 7.30.

I can confirm that the latest version: 1.7.4453 does not support BE469ZP add pin door locks. Is there a plan for full support or should i move to another controller brand (wink perhaps)? Vera Plus states is ‘supports Z-wave Plus’.

@edward Is there a trick to getting it to work on the BE469ZP?

Like jmc above I am on 1.7.4452 and cannot add codes from my vera.

You can use SendData for adding a pin code. These models of door locks require pin code in ASCII, that means if you want to put pin code 1234, which in hex is 0x01 0x02 0x03 0x04, for this models you need to send 0x31 0x32 0x33 0x34 (ascii)

ps. how to do:

//Apps -> Develop apps -> Test Luup code (Lua)
luup.call_action("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:ZWaveNetwork1", "SendData", {Node=altid, Data="0x63-0x01-0x07-0x01-0x35-0x36-0x37-0x38"}) 
//Node=altid (Device -> Advvanced)

0x05 -> Index/Slot of pin code (Device -> Pin code, index column, need to be new one)
0x01 -> Index is used
0x35 -> Pin digit[0] = 5
0x36 -> Pin digit[1] = 6
0x37 -> Pin digit[2] = 7
0x38 -> Pin digit[3] = 8

Wow…Thanks for posting that, but this presents a problem for me.

I have no idea how to go about implementing this. When you say above that the feature is “supported” I take that to mean I can go into the UI and add/remove pin codes.

Maybe I have my expectations too high but I don’t consider supported having to go run some special Luup code or something crazy every time I want to add a code.

Is this something that will be fixed in the future or if this function of the lock going to remain a process of special Luup code whenever I want to add a pin?

you ask for a trick, support for this models will be in next release…

I am confused, which next release. Is 7.30 a newer release than 7.4452?

Yes, 1.7.4452 is VeraEdge(7.29)

Sorry, those release numbers are very confusing!

I did figure out how to run the command you provided above. (you forgot the closing parentheses)

It says test code ran successfully, but I don’t get a new code in the locks pin code screen.
I am not at home to see if a new code actually functions on the lock.

How do we know when the new releases are out?