Schlage BE496WK with VeraPlus

Recently got Schlage BE496WK and paired with my VeraPlus. Paired fine, but couldn’t control via VeraPlus app or desktop. Kept getting “Setting Special Association” message or “Getting Manufacturer” message.

So I unpaired it, moved my VeraPlus as close to the installed lock as possible and repaired. Paired nicely & works great from the app now. Just thought I’d share. Seems like the security aspect of the device needs you to be pretty close so the pairing is not hopping through other devices but directly pairing with VeraPlus.

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Closer the better. I bought a 100ft ethernet cable to get my Vera Edge within 5 ’ of any of my 5 locks. Following the inclusion & exclusion set up is critical

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“Yes” this is the fix. I tried the turning Automatically configure to “no”. But it eventually slows down responses. This applies to both the older zwave devices and the new zwave plus model (BE496ZP).

I did have issues with can’t detect device after moving the Vera controller back to it normal spot. Go to a close by device and update neighbors. Once the lock is detected then update the neighbors on the lock.