Schlage Deadbolt BE365 won?t work with lock and leave feature.

In my old home I had installed this same deadbolt and when the door was unlocked you could just press the schlage button at the top to lock it. I installed a new one in my new home, and even though the manual says you can just enter the programming code then followed by 7 to enable (the lock and leave feature as they call it). . No matter how many times I have tried to enable it, it just doesn?t work.

I installed this lock and had the same exact issue with the Lock and Leave feature. It turned out the cam wasn’t vertical when I installed it (cam = the black/gray oval piece in the center of the Backplate that the metal popsicle-stick (that turns the deadbolt) goes through). There’s an arrow on the cam and it should be pointing to the orange cover’s arrow when you assemble the lock. Looking back at the instructions, it was pretty clear…but who needs to read instructions? ;D

Here’s how you tell if you installed it wrong w/o disassembling: If you open the door, extend the deadbolt (locked position) and press the Schlage button on the keypad, the keypad SHOULD turn blue. If the keypad doesn’t light up at all and the Schlage button blinks green, then the cam is in the wrong position and you can easily fix it-

-With the door open, and the deadbolt RETRACTED (unlocked position), remove the inside cover.
-Disconnect battery (this won’t reset any codes)
-Remove internal baseplate (where battery resides) completely from Popsicle stick bar.
-Ensure the cam is vertical, with arrow pointing down.
-Reassemble the baseplate with the two screws
-Connect the battery
-Screw back in the inside faceplate with the two screws

The Lock and Leave feature should now work. Any of the codes you had should still also remain.

Also make sure too that you use all of the parts supplied in the box even if it seems to work with some old equipment that you are replacing the deadbolt with. I made that mistake and kept the old Schlage deadbolt, itself, and just installed the inside/outside panels. That mistake gave me the same error with the lock and leave feature not working. It happened that the old deadbolt tilted the mental bar at just the right angle that it would not register the lock as truly unlocked or locked so the lock and leave feature would not work due to how the electronics saw that post positioned. Replaced the deadbolt with all the necessary components and everything works great.

Matt thank you so much!
I’d had the issue for about a year, and only realized today that basically anyone could enter by simply pressing the Schlage button to unlock the door.
So glad I found the solution here, thank you!

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