Schlage lock triggering scenes

Hi all,

I have a Vera Edge paired with a Schlage ZWave lock and various other devices. I have created scenes that when any successful code is entered, a light is supposed to turn on over the stairs. This scene has never worked. I’ve tried several different triggers, light if a code is entered, it the lock is opened, etc. Nothing seems to work. It appears that nothing works. I can’t figure out why. I’ve found topics with people having similar problems, all from 7 years ago or so, and none resolved.

Anyone know where I can look to get this scene working?

Thanks in advance,


my Schlage lock triggers several scenes
some even have conditional formating

pleease note when the scenes are user based
you cant trigger on the code used but the user slot
ie. the first person in the lock is user/slot 1 therefore the trigger will trigger on
(user 1 pin code entered)